Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final evening

I found this tail feather of a male mallard yesterday, there's a small pont behind the barns where the mallards are visiting sometimes.

We just had pizza, everything's packed, even the TV.

That means early bedtime! Or a nice LAST evening walk around the place that has been our home for 10 months.
But before that we'll load stuff into the cars and hook up the trailer for tomorrow morning.

The movers are supposed to be here 8am.

As soon as they have arrived and know what to load (almost everything we own sits now in the garage), we'll load the cat into the KIA.

Then we'll load the horses.
By that time it might be around 9am.
With the horses and Missy on bord I'll get on the road.
It will be a 2 and a half hour drive.
Hasi and the dogs will stay put until the movers are done loading, she'll make a last round through the house, check for mail and leave this place around noon.

By that time I hope to be in Fjälkinge and maybe the horses will be already out on the pasture and Missy Lou will be up in one of her new rooms...

Friends will be waiting on the new Farm, they'll help with the horses and also with unloading boxes and furniture.
That is a nice feeling...!

That's how it could be tomorrow.
We'll see how everything goes and hope for a smooth move.

@ Bloggerfriends of hillybillyfarmgirl...
Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes for the move.

Keep the fingers crossed for us!

Over and out!



  1. Beautiful feather photo! Good luck with the move.

  2. Hey, you got it made in the shade girl!! There will be no problems ~ you gals are all set!! Drive safe ~ not too fast!! Can't wait to see the new place!...debbie

  3. Ooops, I wanted to tell you that I loved the feather photo. It was Great!! Sitting so lightly on the water!..deb

  4. P.S. Me again. I wonder if you'd be so kind as to post the pictures of the map again - where you are now, and where you are moving to. I can't seem to find those in the older posts. Thank you so much.

  5. The photo is beautiful, so peaceful and serene. That's how you'll feel once you get all the moving done and have settled in to your place. I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your new place.

  6. I'm late again, so I'll just say I hope your move went well.
    I was surprised to see the feather looking so much like it's owner!

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  8. What a beautiful picture. Love your pretty blog. All the best for the move :)

  9. Hi Michi, I see you are busy moving at the moment, I hope all is going well for you and i hope you'll be back soon!

  10. Absolutely stunning photo...

    wishing you well

  11. ...just checking in to see how your move was going. Hope all is well!


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