Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rain and Colorado, Eagles, Horse and Mule ...

It is still raining...
Well, it has been dry yesterday afternoon and looking out of the window now, I regret that I didn't take the boys for a ride yesterday.
Today it is really nasty outside.
The wind blows the raindrops right into your face... Bäh!
I hope it clears up a little this afternoon, only for an hour or so.
The horses could need a short change of scenery.



Our longtime friends MJ and Mr. T (+ all their animals) had just moved to Colorado.
So it was time for a visit!
Well, I had also signed up for a equine massage class that fall, up in Fort Collins...
And so I got to visit MJ, Mr. T, Polly, Rhettly and Maggie before class started in September! After class had finished late October, Hasi flew into Denver as well, and we went back to Mancos for a second visit.

MJ took me for a ride in or near the Mancos State Park, it was so nice!

I got to put my new equine massage skills to work on Polly...

and Rhettly, my dear old friend!

But the most exciting day was, when MJ took us to look for the Bald Eagles in the area...
We were so excited, a huge wish was close to be fulfilled...

Hasi on the look-out...

There they were...!!!

We saw close to 15 Bald Eagles that day.
One remarkable memory!



  1. Looking for eagles is fun. I rode out along a creek in California to find eagles and wild horses. Found both. It was an amazing site. There were newly hatched chicks in the nests, unfortunately I didn't bring my camera - I was rather upset with myself - pretty photos...debbie

  2. It's been raining here too...but your photos of the beautiful blue skies and eagles make my spirit soar! Thank you! ~Janine

  3. Well it definately seems like alot of people are getting rain. Victoria was hit with a storm yesterday evening....blew some trees over in some locations and some don't have any power. But that's Mother Nature for ya!!...love it. I just wanted to say that my favorite pic is of the Bald Eagle sitting and gazing over the Terrain! Just lovely :)

  4. I so want a riding mule, the one dream animal I'm yet to aquire in my lifetime, but it ain't over yet.

  5. What a beautiful post! I enjoyed it very much.

  6. Beautiful photos so fresh and connected. Imagine seeing 15 Bald Eagles in one day...I don`t know if I have ever seen even one. Colorado is one of my favorite places in the world!

    I grew up around horses(and other various farm animals) so I feel a special affection for these powerful and sleek animals. There are many paso finos in Puerto Rico...they look a bit like Tennessee Walkers only more delicate.

    Thank you for reading and following Oasis Writing Link blog. I look forward to enjoying more of the Hilly Billy Farm Girl`s blog. Amazing how you have moved across the country...I`m in Puerto Rico now by way of Calfornia and Tennessee. We live in interesting times, don`t we? <3

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. How exciting that you got to see the Bald Eagles!

  8. Excellent photos of new spring growth on trees. Love your equines.

  9. Beautiful photos. Lush - green - spring - love it.

  10. Love the pictures! That is one big mule.

    We are ever so blessed as we see Bald and Golden Eagles on a daily basis. A pair of Balds nest in one of our cotton wood trees every year, their nest is HUGE.We also have Osprey in our area, their nests are just about as big. We live on the river, so they fly through several times a day, fishing.

  11. Hi there,

    I have been to Colorado back in 2003 and did some horse riding in Aspen. They really do a great job taking care of the horses there and I loved the way the whole 'riding' is organized. Needless to say the Rockies are gorgeous!


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