Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love birds.
I am not a good bird photographer though...
Not just that I don't have the best equipment for that purpose,
I am also not patient enough to sit somewhere and
wait for them to come and sit for me.
And if they do, I am often simply to slow,
the bird is long gone before I get them into focus.
Well, I can live with it.
Especially because there are a couple of nice bloggers out there who are great bird photographers and who share their wonderful captures with others!
And I can live with it because
I do get a decent shot every now and then myself.
I was able to "sneak" up on this Mallard yesterday.




  1. Gor someone who doesn't think she has the right lense or camera - those are lovely photos of the mallard! That bird has quite a range.

  2. These are great!! The last photo of the mallard in flight is my favorite!!

  3. I think you did a GREAT job of shooting these ducks!! I am truly bird photo challanged - I just can not photograph birds at all. You on the other hand are good!!! They are such pretty birds....debbie

  4. Fantastic shots! Simply inpiring! ~Janine XO

  5. Well, you did a "great" job! Nice shots! And thank you for sharing them with us.

  6. ...those are fantastic shots! Flight shots are always hard, but these are wonderful!!

  7. Your equipment was definitely good enough and you were not too slow on these shots. Birds in flight are very difficult, and you did a very good job. Wonderful!

  8. Hey you did awsome!! I still not able to get a decent flight shot. You need to give yourself some credit my dear.


  9. Well, thank you all! What can I say... when I visit other birding bloggers and look at some of their awsum shots I get pretty depressed... ;-) just kidding! I guess I can be very happy with the result indeed. Mallards are shy, I tried to sneak up on him a couple of times before, but every time he heard me coming... I need to practice that soft inidan walk I guess.. ;))


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