Saturday, May 2, 2009

Alfonso Aguilar

I just thought it is time for a couple of horse pictures again!


April 2008, Austria
CLINIC with Trainer
Alfonso Aguilar.
I had done quite some work with horses and studied with different trainers before, but this man has the most natural way of working with horses, that i've ever seen.
An extraordinary (horse)man!
We really hope to be able to invite him to Sweden someday for a clinic.
If there is anyone that is interested to participate, e-mail me!!!

Here are a couple of impressions from the 2 day clinic :

Midas had to get on the pallet with all 4 feet ...

And he did!

Long reining with a bosal, Midas did great!

You gotta learn how to handle the 12 feet rope without the horse first, great exercises!

Alfonso working with Midas and Indigo (It was Indigo's first time at a clinic)

Sending Midas through the curtain backwards...

...and sideways! A piece of cake! :))

The blanket took some patience and perfect timing between the right amount of pressure and immediate reward!

Walking over plastic? No problem!

Walking through balloons? This horse didn't have a problem with it.
Midas didn't either, unfortunately I don't have a picture of him doing this exercise.
Some horses were stepping ON the balloons, not even the BANG scared them! Fantastic!

If you LEAD a horse through a narrow or scary place,
it will hesitate to follow you,
unless you have proven yourself as a good and reliable leader.

Even better is it to SEND the horse through that narrow and/or scary space,
that way they are paying more attention on what they are supposed to do,
they overcome their fear and become really self confident.

All 4 feet on the post, at the SAME TIME! Not easy, believe me!

Taking a break!

Riding slowly between the cones...
Sounds easy but it isn't.
Especially with a horse with big feet! ;-)

Riding through the curtain - again, a piece of cake !

We had a blast those 2 days and learned a lot.
It is always fascinating to watch a real horseman handle horses, especially your own horse.
Alfonso is a very kind and humble man who treats horses (and humans) with much respect. You can see on the horses that they understand his way of talking to them.

It seems like magic,
but it is simply natural.


(some of the photos are taken by me, a couple are taken by Raimund).


  1. Great series of photos, and very interesting post!

  2. Thank you for that, I've never seen a horse being trained before. I don't know anything about horses, but that is the most beautiful horse I've ever seen. Oh, Midas, but really all of them. What a great trainer too.
    ♥ lori

  3. Thanks for sharing Midas' training with us. I'm am amazed at the things your trainer was able to get the horses to do. You are very fortunate that you have someone like that to help you with your horses.

  4. ...very interesting post! (Pferdephotos sind immer meine Lieblingsphotos!)

  5. Great all of the obstacles. I wonder how my horse would fare? Midas is lovely, beautiful coloring, and has a good head on his shoulders. I signed up to follow your blog and follow your journey! :)

  6. Hello there! Nice blog! Your blog has many pictures of animals and nature - this is so lovely and not very common unfortunately. Great motto, great spirit! I specially like your post about your dog's hair cut! Sweet :D Har det bra and visit my blog if got a minute:

  7. Very interesting! And you have a lovely big horse, whatbreed is he?

  8. wow, your horses are gorgeous! Love this post and showing your training clinic, thanks


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