Thursday, May 21, 2009


I really like those little fellas,
in german we call them
in english they are called
because they "wag" their tail up and down all the time.
Looks funny, believe me!

We also have the same bird in Black and Yellow,
then they are called "Wiesenstelze"... and live close to rivers and creeks.

This one was following our horses on the pasture.
It got so close to Indigos feet a couple of times,
that I thought he would step on it..



  1. What a beautiful bird! He is really marked differently. It's nice seeing birds from different countries. Thanks!

    My computer would not let me in your blog and kept blocking me and deleting when I clicked. Did the same just now, but finally got in after several times. It must be my computer. Have a wonderful weekend. It is Memorial Day weekend for us. Monday is a holiday....debbie

  2. What a beautiful little bird! I've never seen one before. I have Safari, so I'm not experiencing any trouble viewing your blog.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. My one trip to Scotland we saw these guys. What fun birds to watch. Nice series and well captured. Blue Skies.

  4. Beautiful bird!
    I am sure these animals and birds have an understanding, the tall and mighty don't step over the tiny and harmless ones. :)

  5. oh i've been looking for the name of this particular it this one?

    (3rd pic down)




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