Thursday, May 7, 2009

A matter of perception

I love this photograph.
I've used it in a prior post, but here it is again
because I think it is really special.
It has a special meaning for me.

I took it a couple of days ago in a shed on the farm.

There are 2 or 3 windows like this one, the glass seems to be old, hand made (blown) glass.
It has those blebs in them, you know.

Only on this window half of the glass is missing.

I took a few steps back and looked outside
from the dark into the light.

Beautiful trees, fresh green foliage moving in the wind.

I could smell them, hear the wind and the birds.

I looked and compared the two different views.

One clear and crisp, the other wishy-washy and blur.


We often have days where we tend to look at something or someone
and are quickly able to form an opinion.
Clear, sharp, true and honest.

On another day we might take another look,
at the same something, the same someone,
and see something completely different.

Our sense of perception might have changed.

There might be something
"in the way"
that makes our ability
to see clear and crisp
Like hard feelings, rumours and other peoples stories, opinions and views,
memories... all "handmade" as well ;-)

I often get confused when that happens.

I start to doubt my inner voice, that voice that never lies.

It feels like loosing connection with your inner self.
If that happens it is somehow scary, isn't it.

I need to be able to see what is real and true for me.
Without ANYTHING beeing in the way.

I need to be able to see what is REALLY out there.



  1. Good Morning:

    I love the anology of the window pane and no window pane. I'm thinking about how older, unquestioned ideas (bleb in the glass) form our thinking, without our fully realizing it. It can be a challenging journey to find a way around and through to what is true and clear for oneself - beyond the blebs!

    Nice writing, interesting thoughts and a lovely photo!

  2. A very sweet and enlightening post. And I love the photo. I have run into a few people in my time, that intensely disliked or even hated someone, based on other's views, opinions, biases, etc. Or they go along with a group who is trying to ostrasize someone. I have always gone on the premise that until "someone" does something to me directly, I see no reason to dislike, ostrasize or hate them. Work it out . . .

  3. Very thoughtful post. Thanks. -Sandy

  4. I love your words, "On another day we might take another look, at the same something, the same someone, and see something completely different. Our sense of perception might have changed." Beautiful and how very, very true! Thanks for visiting my blog too. Greatly appreciated.

  5. Your words speak directly from your heart. Very spritual....I like that. Your inner voice I have found in my life very important to me and when I have ignored it I have had serious consequences that I needed to sort out from the events that unfolded afterwards. So in esence I truely know myself, who I'am and were I need to walk in my life. Am I fortunate to know this at my age. Maybe depends on how you look at things. But your anology of the window pane is wonderful, your words powerful...very nice.

  6. ...a wonderful post. As a yoga teacher, I always talk about our perception of things. You've done a fabulous job illustrating this concept.


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