Friday, May 22, 2009

Eichhörnchen - Eurasian (red) squirrel


The eurasian squirrel is usually red, but it also comes in brown or darkbrown.
They have white bellies and most of them have those funny, hairy ears.

I took these photos of two squirrels about one month ago.
We were visiting Carola and those two were playing
and searching for food in Carola's beautiful garden.
I took the first shot through the kitchen window,
then I sneaked out the patio door to get some more...!

Now I really have to leave my Laptop and go and start on getting those chores done... !!!



  1. Aw, how utterly gorgeous are they?
    We don't have squirrels in Australia. Thanks for snapping them for a closer look. :D xx♥

  2. What kind of squirrel is it? Have never seen anything like it! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Love the shots!! Our squirrels here are considerably different than yours...Love the ears and the color. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Your squirrel is so cute! I love his very hairy ears. The ones here are really different, as you saw on my blog. Ours is the Arctic Ground Squirrel, and it is really an amazing little animal. It hibernates in the winter and can drop it's body temperature down to -2C. It does come out of hibernation periodically, and this year we saw him in January and several times after that over the winter.

    I was one of the ones that was having trouble visiting your site because of Internet Explorer, so I've been catching up on your activities. Moving is such hard work, but looks like you've accomplished a lot!

  5. ...I love the European squirrels. They same little fellows that show up in Beatrix Potter's Squirrel Nutkin. I think their red color and tuft of fur on their ears make them adorable and cuter than ours. Plus their name in German is so cute!!

  6. The red squirrels with tufted ears are only European. Canada has no such squirrels; but those ears give them such charm. Very cute!

  7. fist time i saw one here i thought, oh look how adorable, a baby squirrel with long haired ears!

    since then i've noticed they're ALL babies here: ) *giggle*



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