Monday, May 11, 2009

Tjörn - Island, Horses and nice People

We had a great weekend!
We went to the Island "Tjörn", north of Gothenburg.
The bridge is impressive!
Everything about he trip was impressive.
We didn't have a chance to do much sight seeing,
so I just made some pictures along the way,
most of them out of the car window...

The fotoshoot for Carola was great.
All together I shot a little over 1800 pics that day!
We had a warm welcome at the stable where
Carola was already treating some horses.
Before lunch Carola gave some riding lessons,
nice looking horses and smiling riders make every photographer happy!

Then it was time for lunch!
Maria fixed a fantastic tuna salad.
Afer that we had home made (by Maria's Mother) Buttercream Cake
- I need to get the recipe -
and strong coffee!

The afternoon was filled with some more horsework and riding lessons...

I just needed to withstand the (strong) wind and keep my finger at the shutter button!


The bridge to Tjörn

Tjörns sailboat marina

Maria and her (huge) swedish coldblood (nordsvensk) "Buster"
This breed is normally not bigger then 1,50 - 1,60 m,
Buster is over 1,70!!
He's not just a big horse, he also got a huge heart...

Buster resting...

Buster at work!
I was told that he is 20 years old, he looks fantastic for his age.
He used to work in the woods pulling logs...
I bet he could tell many interesting stories.

Sorry, I didn't get your name..!?

Groundwork student with young arabian mare, isn't she gorgeaus!

Filip with his fantastic Pony

Carola's new mini laptop "pretty" :)

Lookin' good!!!

Thank you Maria & Co. for the hospitality!



  1. What a magnificent animal! Oh he's gorgeous.

  2. Beautiful horse photos. Beautiful place!

  3. I really loved your scenic photo's so lovely and your horse pictures really show how wonderful an animal they really are. :)

  4. Wowie! great pics.Loved the snaps of the bridge and horses!

    ♥ chaitra

  5. Your landscape photos are just beautiful. Such a pretty country Sweden is - I had no idea!! Also love the horse shots. Esp. the last little fella, isn't he pretty! Of course they are ALL pretty!!!!!!! debbie


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