Friday, May 8, 2009

Almost weekend

Today's a special memorial day in Holland.
The country is mourning for the people who died in that horrible incident on Queens Day.
I hope it helps victims and affected people to find some closure.
The entire country has moved a little closer together this last week.
And everyone is moving on as good as they can...


I went for a short ride yesterday;
Between two of the many rainshowers
that are going down these days.

I wasn't really up for it but once I was sitting on Midas
I didn't care about the clouds and the cold wind anymore.

The reward was huge.

Clear air and contrary lighting in the woods.
The foilage of the trees is growing really thick.
The leaves are light green
and when the (sun)light hits them
a magical atmosphere originates.
It's like beeing in one of those fairytale movies.
The horses were relaxed and seemed to enjoy the stillness as well.

A little later, already on the way back to the stable, I spotted a Moose.
She was laying down and was surprised by our appearence.
I noticed her huge, fluffy, round ears
AND her eyes got really big!
She got up, turned around and disapeard in the bushes.
I saw her maybe for 10 seconds, but it seemed so much longer.
It was a very intense encounter.
I assumed she'd gone into the other direction
but just a little later she crossed our path about 20 meters in front of us.
This time the horses eyes got bigger then big!
I managed to keep them calm until she was out of sight.
We went home.
No pictures...
I hadn't brought my camera so I couldn't take a shot of her,
but I came home with a big smile out- and inside...

Today we had the first thunderstorm of this year.
The house was shaking under the grumbling thunder.
Electricity was gone for a little while only.

The rest of the afternoon was dry and partly sunny.
Spring weather!


Sunday we'll go to Tjörn for a photoshoot.
Tjörn is a small island north of Göteborg
and the sixth largest island of Sweden.
It's supposed to be very beautiful there...
Let's hope the weather is gracious.

It's weekend. It has been a long week somehow.
But that's probably just my perception.




  1. Just lovely, your ride sounds...mine was similar (save the Moose) with small rains..the Thunder was in the arena the day before.."~'Is it not just cleansing to be out and about in the beautiful!!!
    Your country living is such a wonderful thing. I do long for it myself, being a city mouse.

    I am glad to hear that some are healing there now too, and you see it.
    Have a fabulous shoot..and hope the weather is willing!

  2. It is always a thrill to see a moose. Here we see them a lot, alongside the road, wondering through our yard, and even in the downtown area. They are an impressive animal, and especially fun when there are babies. There is a downside, however. Moose always know when the cabbage is almost ready to pick--that is their very favorite treat. They also enjoyed my gladiola blossoms last fall. I don't plant cabbage anymore, and I'm going to try the gladiola next to the house this year. That may not work though. They like pumpkins too, and we once had a young moose come up on our deck to get to some jack-o-lanterns that were on the railing. And you never want to get between mama and her babies, because they have a powerful kick. It's all about respecting them and learning to co-exist with them. They are a beautiful animal.

  3. Your swan photo was so beautiful!
    I've always wanted to see a moose! In Michigan they are only in the upper peninsula and are very shy - hard to spot.


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