Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On our way back home...

We made it, better Aaron made it - without getting sick.
Once we were there (at Kennel Tarriq) we went inside and had coffee - real svensk kaffe - meaning it was strong! I still feel my heart bumping...
Just kidding! It was great, thanks Lotte!
After that and catching up on each other's activities and stories we went upstairs to see the puppies.
I didn't take pictures - just didn't feel like it.
But hey, you can go in on the Kennels homepage and they have photos there... Kennel Tarriq

After cuddling the little ones we went back out and it was time for Aaron to meet his first human mom and some of the other dogs who live there, led by his dog-daddy Gallax.

What a nice meeting!

We chose to drive back via a more scenic route, stopped for a walk by a little lake, had a quick late lunch at McDonalds and now we are almost back home...
It almost felt like a day of vacation!
The sun is shining, the sky is filled with beautiful white clouds... what more can one wish for!
We are pulling up on our driveway right now...

On the road

We are on our way to Aaron's breeders as I write this.
(I love my MacBookPro and mobile Internet!!!)

That's me of course, and my Hasi is driving - of course. :)
I have a day off and we thought it is a good day to visit Aaron's Kennel.
11 Days ago they got a new litter and we were invited to look at the 7 little munchkins, Aaron's siblings.

And Aaron gets to visit his first human mum for the first time , he will be so excited.
Right now he and Cleo are sleeping in the back of the car...

Aaron just woke up to check if we are still on the right way...

Right now we are forced to drive a d-tour, they are working on the highway... hopefully Aaron will be able to keep his breakfast in, the road is bumpy and has many turns...
wish us good luck!


Monday, August 30, 2010


I think it's time for a little update on Mika.
He's doing great!
After his virus infection a couple of months ago he just seemed to get stronger and stronger.
He's been going outside every single night and after a few very loud cat fights (more loud then fight) it seems the cats in the neighborhood respect him and Missy.
She is keeping him company and they catch mice and who knows what else together.
The daylight hours are spent upstairs, sleeping.
Of course!
That's exactly how it should be, right!



This is the first time ever I made this... MARILLENKUCHEN.
That's sort of an angel cake I believe - with apricots. 
Ingrid's absolute favorite!!!

I got the recipe off the internet, it's a really good one! 


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday morning promenade

Wanna come along?

Here we go...

Passing by our neighbors across the street. Their garden is just gorgeous and so well taken care of. The sunlight was shining just right onto the little cabin they are having in there... so cute!

On the left side of the street "lives" this stallion, a dressage horse. A very nice looking horse, I just would never put a red blanket on a stallion though...

And another horse looks out of the stable, still waiting to be turned out.

Let's continue into the woods on the right side of the street again, passing by a house that is very "hidden". You hardly notice it when you drive by, so big are the trees and bushes giving the people who are living there privacy. I don't know how the house looks like, but the barn is very pretty!

Just a few meters further on the left, more horses.
The first bay seems to be lonely and would like to join the others in the next pasture, he's watching all their moves...

Here we have the other bay horse, she seems older and a bit stiff.
She wears red bandages on her hind legs, maybe she has problems, I don't really know. But she seemed definitely stiff in her back.
She decided to lay down and roll a bit, maybe to get rid of a few blockages??? Could be, horses are so smart, they know exactly when it's time for a good roll in the dirt/grass.

And yes, she did look a bit more relaxed afterwards, look!

Cleo and I made a turn into the forrest.
First we met a few birds (can you see the treecreeper??) and then a squirrel. So cute!

Once we finished the loop and got back to our neighbors garden from the other side I made these shots from a mini-windmill... (you can click to enlarge if you want ;-),

a nice looking stature ...

guess who that is...?
Nils Holgersson with Martin the white goose! You know the famous swedish tale?
(I didn't take pictures of the garden goblins;-)

Well, thank you for joining me and Cleo on our Sunday morning walk!
It's been a pleasure!

Sharing a chair...

The Lind-Girls were visiting yesterday, I made "Palatschinken" (pancakes) which we ate with vanilla ice cream and "sylt" (strawberry jam).

Moa went outside to get something out of her moms car and this it what happened inside...

Edith and Aaron sharing a chair!



I just stumbled across this video from one of Celine Dion's performances...
I think the dress is as ugly as it can be but who cares with an incredible voice like that - just amazing!


It's been cooling off somewhat this past week, we had rain and stormy winds but now it's sunny and nice outside.
Nature wears a vigorous green and the different bird families (the ones who will migrate) gather into large flocks, getting ready for departure in just a few weeks...
We had once again a fantastic summer, there's absolutely no reason to complain. :)
When I get up in the mornings it has around 10 C° and during the day we reach 15 to 20.

The bus driving went well this week. It's just the getting up so early that is tuff on me. But I'll also have weeks where I will drive mostly afternoon/evening shifts and I think that will be more in my nature. :)
I took a photo of the one of the busses I was driving with my iPhone, on one of my breaks...

Now that I begin to remember all the routes and stops it really starts to become a fun job. :)
I get to meet a lot of people of course and some of them are really friendly too.
It is really nice to hear a "good morning" or a "good afternoon" or just a friendly "hi" when people come in and when they make eye-contact with you. Some even smile!!!
It's even nicer when they take the time to say "thank you" and "good bye" when they leave the bus ;-)
Believe me, after a long day sitting behind the (huge) steering wheel it can be a bus drivers biggest reward!
So, if you get to travel by bus again anytime soon - think about that! ;-)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dolly Ingrid and Dolly Mickie

Mission completed!
Edith was so excited when we arrived.
Her sister Moa helped her to unwrap the present... You should have seen her face!
Just adorable!
She made such a happy and satisfied impression - it seems that her world was just perfect at that moment, her little Dolly-Family complete, finally!

 Edith, the Dolly she called "Mickie" and her new Dolly "Ingrid"

Edith and the real Mickie and Ingrid! 

And this time with sister Moa! 

Sleep tight and have sweet dreams little Edith!!! ♥


I thought it'd be appropriate to "post" a few nice flowers for
myself/us/the Hillybillyfarmgirl-Family blog!
Since yesterday the Hillybillyfarmgirl-Blog counts 100 followers!
That is really not bad, considering that I am not blogging on a regular base.
I blog when I feel like it, and I don't when I'm not feeling like it.
Just as it should be, right?!

Anyway, this is a good moment to thank all our blogger friends out there who were visiting us since day one (first post dated on 26. October 2008) and who continue to stop by every now and then.
By this occasion I also want to welcome all the more recent friends and followers!

We are happy to have you here!
All of you!
So we know you were here!
We are always delighted to here from you! All of you!


Well, this wonderful day started out early, at least for me.
I got to get up at 03:45, had oatmeal (hard to swallow anything if you are not really awake yet, but I need the energy...), went to work and got to drive my second solo tour.
I only drive short rounds, around 3 hours, but that is more then okay since I just got started. After taking folks to work I got to take children to school.
Yes, we also drive school bus rounds.
That is fun!
At least with the smaller kids... the bigger ones don't even know how to say "good morning" unfortunately!
But hey, look at the bright side, at least they go to school, right! *lol*

All went well, everyone got safe to their destinations and I got to drive home around 09:30.
Hasi made me a very nice cup of coffee which helped to keep me awake until lunch time...
Yes, I got to take a nap! How blissful!

This afternoon we have a mission to complete!
You all remember little Edith, our best friends 2 year old daughter?
Well, her mom called us yesterday and told us that her little girl refused to go to sleep!!!
Well, you see, Edith has a couple of things in her bed that she needs in order to be able to go to sleep.
A stuffed animal called LaLeLu, a bear and - since just recently a doll she calls "Mickie" (I wonder where she got that from *LOL*)
Now, the problem yesterday was that she discovered that she doesn't have a "Ingrid" in her bed!!!!
So! Ingrid went to the store today to pick up a new doll for Edith which she'll get to call "Ingrid" and which will hopefully help her to go to sleep tonight!
It's time to go and deliver the doll now! I am sure Edith is already waiting...

Ttyl guys! :))

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Monday in August

This monday morning started out foggy, but then the sun came through and we had a beautiful sunny day.

Hasi got to mow the lawn, just in time before it started raining again late afternoon... 

And I got to take more photos of Dragonflies.
They were so kind to sit down right outside the back door, a perfect place to take a sun bath apparently. (Well ask Cleo, she will confirm! :)
At one point I was counting 7 sitting down and more hovering around... beautiful creatures!

The dogs got their rabies shots today. Cleo needed her annual booster shot and Aaron just got started.
The swedish law says that every dog who travels across the border INTO Sweden has to have "rabies protection". So in order to be able to travel abroad with our doggies in the future, there is just no way around it.
Both dogs were nice to the vet and his assistants, Aaron almost too nice, he wanted to kiss them all! *lol*
We had to weigh them on the way in... Aaron weighs unbelievable 37 kilogramms!!!
I mean, come on, he's only 7,5 months old!!!
Big boy Aaron...

It's amazing how quick a day can go by. Work, vet, haircut, coffee, eating, walking dogs etc. etc. - and now it's time for bed again.
Gotta get up early again tomorrow. Second day of solo driving - only a 3 hour round but nevertheless.
Gotta be rested, sharp and on the ball! :))

How was your Monday??

Good night friends! ♥

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another sunday post

It's warm! Too warm! Muggy! And it's raining in between. Yesterday we had 28 C° 
The lawn grows and grows and grows and Hasi doesn't know how to keep up with her little lawn mower.
She envies our neighbor who has one of those bigger ones that you can sit on...

The farmers are harvesting, at least they do what they can do between the rain showers... 
same as Hasi ;-)

I look out of the window and see that the Dragonflies are also out and hunting again in our yard. It has been raining a bit here and there during the morning, now (3pm) the sun is shining and a breeze comes from the west.
We have some small fruit trees in our back yard, one of them carries a couple of tiny Apples, they love the sun and are turning red.

As Cleo and I walk the trails in the woods we find all kind of mushrooms, some of them look very pretty. And some are really tasty too, at least for snails and rabbits...

I took some more photos in our garden, yesterday late afternoon.
Hasi found a mating bumblebee "couple" laying in the grass next to the cabin and I took a few photos of another Dragonfly sitting and resting on a brick ( I believe it is a "REd-veined darter but I am not sure)...

Anyways. Nature is always full of surprises and beauty, every single day.
And so is life.
Giving and giving and giving, you just need to be open to it.

I like to read Eckhart Tolle every now and then and here's a quote I would like to share with you all, I like it very much!
He says:

"When you drop your expectations that a person, a situation, a place, or an object should fulfill you, it's easier to be present in this moment because you're no longer looking to the next one.
Most people want to get what they want, whereas the secret is to want what you get at this moment. "

It's time to go for a walk with Cleo. 
Hasi will take Aaron out, we still go on separate walks most of the time. 
It's just nicer that way and Cleo doesn't get the chance to teach Aaron stupid things ;-)

I'll be going to bed soon tonight cause I'll have to get up very early again tomorrow morning - a bus drivers destiny... AND I still have a thousand things to do before that so I better get going now!