Sunday, August 15, 2010


I am a very lucky person.

I started working as a bus driver on wednesday- even though it is "only" a practicum.
In about two to three weeks I'll start for real (with contract and all), if everything goes well.
And I am sure it does! :)

For now I get to ride with other bus drivers, they show me the different routes I get to drive, where the halts are and how to control the ticket machine.
The first day I was sitting mostly on the co-driver seat watching every move my co-worker/teacher made and tried to memorize as much as I could.
The second day I got to drive quite a lot which was very cool.

After two long days (10-11 working-hours) I got to rest on Friday AND the weekend.
I really have to say I needed those 3 days.
I had to concentrate a lot and that really made me tired. AND it's been a while since I had to work so many hours.
But everything will get easier soon, I am a fast learner and as soon as I get the hang of it all (or at least the basics for now) I'll be more relaxed and that will help too.

Tomorrow I'll have a new teacher and we'll drive different routes I guess...

I am looking forward to the transition between

this (chilling and hanging out at the porch every day)

And that...
A career as the captain of a yellow bus...
Here's a photo of me in my new job-outfit!



  1. Good luck on the new job, HBFG and that new uniform is really snazzy! Memorizing routes is not something I would do well, since Grenville says I could get lost in a paper bag with my terrible sense of direction. Keep us posted!

  2. You look quite dapper in your driving suit!! Very NICE!! Good luck with learning all the new routes and halts! Within a month, you will be old hat!!...debbie


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