Sunday, August 15, 2010

Krokodilens bror

Krokodilens brother - our Aaron was very busy this week.
Unfortunately he isn't feeling so well right now, he started to have digestion problems yesterday early in the morning, diarrhea.
He must have eaten something he shouldn't have... something he does all the time by the way.

We had to call the vet yesterday and made an appointment for today... just in case he would get worse throughout the night...
Advice from the vet: Put him on a rice and fish diet together with a paste called ProKolin which we had to pick up at the pharmacy.
The look on his face when he saw the rice and fish in his bowl was priceless. He ate, very slowly though. *lol*

Fortunately we could call the vet this morning to cancel our appointment. He seems to be doing much better. He'll be eating some more fish and rice tonight while we slowly start blending in his regular food.

Right now he's taking a nap.
The heat and sticky weather is also tuff on him, playtime in the garden is only happening to a limited extend - even though he wants more (we have to protect him from himself so to say).
A little earlier we played "catch the ball" with him - one of his favorite games.


Earlier this week we played "catch the dog" - and Cleo was helping us...


After a shopping trip to "EKO Hallen" we surprised Aaron with
his new pool...
The look on his face says it all - but hey, it's a pool right?!
Yeah okay, it's a really small pool, but it was the only one they had. AND it's a real DOG POOL, not just a children's pool..., it's really stabile and durable. AND it was expensive...
So no complaining now! Summer is almost over anyways, right?!

Next week we'll share some photos from our most recent walk through the nature reserve in Fjälkinge....

So long!


  1. I think the hot,hot weather is hard on our dogs. Lincoln had the same trouble not long ago. He didn't want to eat but every other day and drank a lot of water. Right now he has a cold I think. He was in the kennel 5 days and came home with sneezes and coughs. Even had the Bordello nose drops to prevent it...poor Lincoln. Enjoyed your pictures...debbie

  2. Those are wonderful shots of the dogs!! Well done! and thank you for signing on to my blog...I'm honoured!


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