Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sunday morning trip


A tiny national park in south sweden.

It's a forest and a few hills, sand dunes and beach on the east coast south of Kivik.
The highest point is 97 meters above sea level.
It really doesn't sound high, but for south swedish terms this is HIGH.
Thousands of tourists climb up that hill every year just to enjoy the view at the ocean and landscape that surrounds this landmark.
See the people up there...?

We did't go up there, we went down to the beach. We had the dogs with us and there were just too many tourists and other dogs heading up the trail and none of us felt like joining them.

A very nice place to go to, nothing like grand canyon or yellowstone... but very nice in it's own unique way! Next time we'll go up the trail all the way to the top :))

Here some more photos of the landscape...


  1. Well, you're right, the Grand Canyon it's NOT, but it is very beautiful in its own way. Very peaceful looking ... too bad about all those people, but what's a person to do?
    Remember the Northern California trip in Nellie?
    The hike in the redwood grove in the pouring down rain? Remember those German tourists that didn't think we could understand what they were saying? Well, at least one of us didn't know what they were saying....I don't know why I thought of that, just more tourists I guess. ;o)

  2. I love seeing Sweden landscape! I don't know much about your country. But have loved the photographs!! ...debbie

  3. Tourists are a very good thing. They are the people who spend money in communities which really need it. I love being a tourist, traveling is cool. I don't mind all the touris, I just don't want to be in the middle of them, that's all. :)
    You know MJ, in the states we were always trying to travel as americans, after 6 months in Texas we didn't look like europeans anymore and that was fun. I remember the germans in northern California, that was fun! Ingrid and I did run into dutch people as wel on occasions, the dutch are everywhere! ;-)
    @ Debbie _ Glad you like the photographs! :)


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