Saturday, August 7, 2010

A muggy saturday

It's a very quiet Saturday.
It feels like a change in energy, we passed the peak of summer season 2010 and slowly make the transition into fall.
Some of the wheat fields are already harvested and the straw sits on the fields, baled and ready for transportation.
This field will be next...

I had a job interview this week and it went really well. There are just a few formalities that have to be cleared next week and then I am all ready to drive bus!

Here a cute shot of Aaron, his mommy was outside mowing the front lawn and he was watching...
I posted a similar photo in a previous post, where he was standing on the chair with his front paws.
But now he's figured out how to really sit on it!

( I thought it would be fun to take these shots in B&W;-)

And this is Cleo, watching the horses that you will see on the following photo I took on our walk this afternoon...

The big building (pretty much the only one that's that high in this area) is Kristianstad's Hospital.
And the horses, beautiful mares with their sweet foals... they really have a HUGE pasture. Cleo and I enjoyed exploring the woods right next to where they live, even though it was kind of warm, muggy really. It has been like that for days.

Well, it's late and I definately need some beauty sleep ;-)

Have a fantastic Sunday you all!


  1. I love that photo of the puppy, Aaron, in the chair. Great even! How much does the little boy weigh now?
    Not to out do Cleo. She's great in her own way.

  2. New things on the horizon for you...driving, great!
    Your GS Aaron, in that chair looking on...very special!


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