Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday morning promenade

Wanna come along?

Here we go...

Passing by our neighbors across the street. Their garden is just gorgeous and so well taken care of. The sunlight was shining just right onto the little cabin they are having in there... so cute!

On the left side of the street "lives" this stallion, a dressage horse. A very nice looking horse, I just would never put a red blanket on a stallion though...

And another horse looks out of the stable, still waiting to be turned out.

Let's continue into the woods on the right side of the street again, passing by a house that is very "hidden". You hardly notice it when you drive by, so big are the trees and bushes giving the people who are living there privacy. I don't know how the house looks like, but the barn is very pretty!

Just a few meters further on the left, more horses.
The first bay seems to be lonely and would like to join the others in the next pasture, he's watching all their moves...

Here we have the other bay horse, she seems older and a bit stiff.
She wears red bandages on her hind legs, maybe she has problems, I don't really know. But she seemed definitely stiff in her back.
She decided to lay down and roll a bit, maybe to get rid of a few blockages??? Could be, horses are so smart, they know exactly when it's time for a good roll in the dirt/grass.

And yes, she did look a bit more relaxed afterwards, look!

Cleo and I made a turn into the forrest.
First we met a few birds (can you see the treecreeper??) and then a squirrel. So cute!

Once we finished the loop and got back to our neighbors garden from the other side I made these shots from a mini-windmill... (you can click to enlarge if you want ;-),

a nice looking stature ...

guess who that is...?
Nils Holgersson with Martin the white goose! You know the famous swedish tale?
(I didn't take pictures of the garden goblins;-)

Well, thank you for joining me and Cleo on our Sunday morning walk!
It's been a pleasure!


  1. What a beautiful walk! Thanks for taking us along. :)


  2. Very pretty neighborhood. You and Cleo have a nice place to walk. It was fun to go with you! Give Cleo a scratch behind the ear for me...

  3. I did see the tree creeper right away. The post is so neat. The photos are very clever and attractive. I do know or learned that "red suspenders" was a sign for a gay old man. The guy at the lumber company had a fit when I walked in. I was young then. He told me I really was sharp. lol

    When I got home I took the red suspenders off and gave them away or threw them away. I can understand how the horse might feel, being a stallion and all.

  4. I loved our walk. Especially the horses. Love to see photos of horses!! Appears you (we) had a great walk with some really neat things to see!! ...debbie


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