Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I thought it'd be appropriate to "post" a few nice flowers for
myself/us/the Hillybillyfarmgirl-Family blog!
Since yesterday the Hillybillyfarmgirl-Blog counts 100 followers!
That is really not bad, considering that I am not blogging on a regular base.
I blog when I feel like it, and I don't when I'm not feeling like it.
Just as it should be, right?!

Anyway, this is a good moment to thank all our blogger friends out there who were visiting us since day one (first post dated on 26. October 2008) and who continue to stop by every now and then.
By this occasion I also want to welcome all the more recent friends and followers!

We are happy to have you here!
All of you!
So we know you were here!
We are always delighted to here from you! All of you!


Well, this wonderful day started out early, at least for me.
I got to get up at 03:45, had oatmeal (hard to swallow anything if you are not really awake yet, but I need the energy...), went to work and got to drive my second solo tour.
I only drive short rounds, around 3 hours, but that is more then okay since I just got started. After taking folks to work I got to take children to school.
Yes, we also drive school bus rounds.
That is fun!
At least with the smaller kids... the bigger ones don't even know how to say "good morning" unfortunately!
But hey, look at the bright side, at least they go to school, right! *lol*

All went well, everyone got safe to their destinations and I got to drive home around 09:30.
Hasi made me a very nice cup of coffee which helped to keep me awake until lunch time...
Yes, I got to take a nap! How blissful!

This afternoon we have a mission to complete!
You all remember little Edith, our best friends 2 year old daughter?
Well, her mom called us yesterday and told us that her little girl refused to go to sleep!!!
Well, you see, Edith has a couple of things in her bed that she needs in order to be able to go to sleep.
A stuffed animal called LaLeLu, a bear and - since just recently a doll she calls "Mickie" (I wonder where she got that from *LOL*)
Now, the problem yesterday was that she discovered that she doesn't have a "Ingrid" in her bed!!!!
So! Ingrid went to the store today to pick up a new doll for Edith which she'll get to call "Ingrid" and which will hopefully help her to go to sleep tonight!
It's time to go and deliver the doll now! I am sure Edith is already waiting...

Ttyl guys! :))

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  1. Congratulations on your 100th reader! The flowers were really pretty. Esp. the red ones. What a nice thing to do! Getting her a new dollie! I bet she'll love it!! ...debbie


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