Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On the road

We are on our way to Aaron's breeders as I write this.
(I love my MacBookPro and mobile Internet!!!)

That's me of course, and my Hasi is driving - of course. :)
I have a day off and we thought it is a good day to visit Aaron's Kennel.
11 Days ago they got a new litter and we were invited to look at the 7 little munchkins, Aaron's siblings.

And Aaron gets to visit his first human mum for the first time , he will be so excited.
Right now he and Cleo are sleeping in the back of the car...

Aaron just woke up to check if we are still on the right way...

Right now we are forced to drive a d-tour, they are working on the highway... hopefully Aaron will be able to keep his breakfast in, the road is bumpy and has many turns...
wish us good luck!



  1. Our Lincoln can't drive on bumpy, curvy roads without getting car sick, so I take the longer way around on the 4-lane. I also have to give him some "Ace" to keep his tummy in check...he's nine - you would think by now he'd be used to it!...debbie

  2. Moaaaaa, Aaron's siblings!!! Say hello from us!!

    /Sara, Peter and Brother Arcos

  3. Looks like a very nice little family "road trip" to visit grand ma!


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