Friday, August 20, 2010

Dragonfly Day

Today's "Dragonfly - Day"


Because we had them flying through our yard all day long. 
It was like a big swarm of them hunting, it must have been around hundred or so...
A beautiful sight and natural spectacle. 
I even tried to take pictures of them flying but that was a mission impossible. They just move to fast. 
They came in all sizes and colors, just gorgeous.

This one on the photo sat down on a large brick and seemed to enjoy the sun. It almost looks like it was smiling into the camera, doesn't it. :)

My first week on the job was quite tuff I have to admit.
There is so much to learn like routes, bus stops, schedules, prices and tickets and so much more.
Today I drove a 2 hour route all by myself, without an instructor at my side and fortunately all went well.
I have to say that the hardest for me is to keep concentrated all the time, I mean if you loose concentration for just one moment you miss a buss stop and that is not good at all.

Well, now's weekend and enough time for letting everything sink in and rest.

Hope you all are having a good time!!!  We do!



  1. Must have been very special with all those dragon flies buzzing around ... faster than hummingbirds I would imagine? They must have a mission to all be going in the same direction at one time.... migration maybe?

  2. YES, it is very special to witness a natural spectacle like that. I've never seen so many at once before.
    I just read that the dragonfly is the fastest flying insect there is, they reach a speed up to 30 miles an hour and some of them (the larger ones) travel up to 80 miles a day.
    European dragonflies are between 1,3 and 3,8 inches/ ∼9cm (the largest fossil dragonfly ever found was 35 inches/88cm long!)
    Fascinating creatures! I love'em!
    Not only because they are beautiful, also because they eat all the mosquitos we have in our backyard!!! ;-)

  3. Good for you! It sounds as if all is going so well with your job. :) The dragon flies are great.

    Nice to be able to get into your blog today - I have a narrow window when I can get connected out here at sea.



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