Monday, August 23, 2010

A Monday in August

This monday morning started out foggy, but then the sun came through and we had a beautiful sunny day.

Hasi got to mow the lawn, just in time before it started raining again late afternoon... 

And I got to take more photos of Dragonflies.
They were so kind to sit down right outside the back door, a perfect place to take a sun bath apparently. (Well ask Cleo, she will confirm! :)
At one point I was counting 7 sitting down and more hovering around... beautiful creatures!

The dogs got their rabies shots today. Cleo needed her annual booster shot and Aaron just got started.
The swedish law says that every dog who travels across the border INTO Sweden has to have "rabies protection". So in order to be able to travel abroad with our doggies in the future, there is just no way around it.
Both dogs were nice to the vet and his assistants, Aaron almost too nice, he wanted to kiss them all! *lol*
We had to weigh them on the way in... Aaron weighs unbelievable 37 kilogramms!!!
I mean, come on, he's only 7,5 months old!!!
Big boy Aaron...

It's amazing how quick a day can go by. Work, vet, haircut, coffee, eating, walking dogs etc. etc. - and now it's time for bed again.
Gotta get up early again tomorrow. Second day of solo driving - only a 3 hour round but nevertheless.
Gotta be rested, sharp and on the ball! :))

How was your Monday??

Good night friends! ♥


  1. Glad that you had such a nice Sunday off.
    T and I went riding. I will post a few photos soon ... it was another good outing! Yeah!!!

  2. Aaron is a really beautiful dog. And I am happy to learn that the people who live there around you have some of the same chores we do.

  3. Brother Arcos weighs 29 kilogramms :-O. Aaron is really beautiful!

  4. That's a good law they have regarding rabies vaccinations. Here we have to have rabes and distemper vac. They now have 1 year and 3 year rabies shots, but distemper shots every year. And they have to wear their tags on their collar. Neat photos of the dragonflies! so many! They are either mating or just hatching!! lol...debbie

  5. Lovely shots of the dragonflies! You were fortunate to have so many sunning themselves at one time. In the early summer we had lots of dragonflies hunting here too. They are still around, but I don't see as many as I did. Aaron is one handsome fellow!


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