Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On our way back home...

We made it, better Aaron made it - without getting sick.
Once we were there (at Kennel Tarriq) we went inside and had coffee - real svensk kaffe - meaning it was strong! I still feel my heart bumping...
Just kidding! It was great, thanks Lotte!
After that and catching up on each other's activities and stories we went upstairs to see the puppies.
I didn't take pictures - just didn't feel like it.
But hey, you can go in on the Kennels homepage and they have photos there... Kennel Tarriq

After cuddling the little ones we went back out and it was time for Aaron to meet his first human mom and some of the other dogs who live there, led by his dog-daddy Gallax.

What a nice meeting!

We chose to drive back via a more scenic route, stopped for a walk by a little lake, had a quick late lunch at McDonalds and now we are almost back home...
It almost felt like a day of vacation!
The sun is shining, the sky is filled with beautiful white clouds... what more can one wish for!
We are pulling up on our driveway right now...


  1. From the photos, it seems apparent which of the two dogs is still the "top dog" or boss!

  2. Looks like he remembered his first mom! It is nice to get away for a little while, especially to see new puppies!! ...debbie

  3. Yes, looks like he remembered everything.
    That was exactly the same place where he first met his dad and uncles and aunts...
    Even though his hormones start to kick in now, back at his moms place he was just a very little puppy again.
    It was great to see him being so social with his dad.
    He acted exactly the way a young dog should act, we are so proud of our big boy!


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