Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's been cooling off somewhat this past week, we had rain and stormy winds but now it's sunny and nice outside.
Nature wears a vigorous green and the different bird families (the ones who will migrate) gather into large flocks, getting ready for departure in just a few weeks...
We had once again a fantastic summer, there's absolutely no reason to complain. :)
When I get up in the mornings it has around 10 C° and during the day we reach 15 to 20.

The bus driving went well this week. It's just the getting up so early that is tuff on me. But I'll also have weeks where I will drive mostly afternoon/evening shifts and I think that will be more in my nature. :)
I took a photo of the one of the busses I was driving with my iPhone, on one of my breaks...

Now that I begin to remember all the routes and stops it really starts to become a fun job. :)
I get to meet a lot of people of course and some of them are really friendly too.
It is really nice to hear a "good morning" or a "good afternoon" or just a friendly "hi" when people come in and when they make eye-contact with you. Some even smile!!!
It's even nicer when they take the time to say "thank you" and "good bye" when they leave the bus ;-)
Believe me, after a long day sitting behind the (huge) steering wheel it can be a bus drivers biggest reward!
So, if you get to travel by bus again anytime soon - think about that! ;-)


  1. Yes, a smile with a cheery hello and goodbye can make the day for everyone. :)

    It's nice to know your driving job is going well.


  2. Something so easy to do, just a simple smile or a Thank You can make the difference in anyone's day. It's a nice thing to remember always!
    Looks like an articulated bus. Is it anything like towing a trailer?


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