Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final evening

I found this tail feather of a male mallard yesterday, there's a small pont behind the barns where the mallards are visiting sometimes.

We just had pizza, everything's packed, even the TV.

That means early bedtime! Or a nice LAST evening walk around the place that has been our home for 10 months.
But before that we'll load stuff into the cars and hook up the trailer for tomorrow morning.

The movers are supposed to be here 8am.

As soon as they have arrived and know what to load (almost everything we own sits now in the garage), we'll load the cat into the KIA.

Then we'll load the horses.
By that time it might be around 9am.
With the horses and Missy on bord I'll get on the road.
It will be a 2 and a half hour drive.
Hasi and the dogs will stay put until the movers are done loading, she'll make a last round through the house, check for mail and leave this place around noon.

By that time I hope to be in Fjälkinge and maybe the horses will be already out on the pasture and Missy Lou will be up in one of her new rooms...

Friends will be waiting on the new Farm, they'll help with the horses and also with unloading boxes and furniture.
That is a nice feeling...!

That's how it could be tomorrow.
We'll see how everything goes and hope for a smooth move.

@ Bloggerfriends of hillybillyfarmgirl...
Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes for the move.

Keep the fingers crossed for us!

Over and out!



I just wondered...

What happend since that day when all my possessions fit in just one small car...

Does one person really need so much stuff???

I know the answer, my answer is NO.

Now, we have a two person household.

That's stuff x 2


We have 5 animals.

That's stuff x 7

Almost everything is packed!

And I am singing hallelujah!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 more nights to home

Tired Tired Tired
Cleaning Cleaning Cleaning
Dust Dust Dust
Well, it wasn't that bad!

Sisters in teamwork.

Office and PC are packed up, what's left is just a few cables, mobile phone and the MacBook left on a small table...

A welcome break with Cafe Latte and a nice piece of cake in Getinge's Cafe

The day was over quickly and we got a lot done.
All the rooms got a solid basic cleaning so that we don't have much to do thursday morning.
The cabinets are empty and the kitchen is closed.
We still have some food in the fridge, there is instant coffee and bread.
Hasi will take her sister to the airport tomorrow, the farrier will come and shoe the horses and tomorrow evening we will pack the cars with the camera bag, laptops, horse-, cat- and dog stuff.


I have to admit that I am not really in the blogger mood these days...

so I'll just keep it short today.

Here are a couple of shots I took this afternoon.

The sky was impressive, the wind was driving the clouds into all directions.
It looked like rainstorm, but nothing.
It's still very cloudy and windy outside, we had 20〫C an hour ago, at 8pm.
Time for bed!!!


Final stage

We are entering the final stage now.
Moving is quite a hassle, unless you have helping angels.
Especially if they are dutch.
The dutch are busy lizzies, let me tell you that!


Not much time for blogging today...

Gotta go!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tonights dessert

Custard Pudding with Bitterkoekjes (Ingredients made in Holland!)

Thank you Hilde!!!

Follow up

I didn't...
(join them for the evening walk yesterday)

I was already in my PJ's when they got back.
Ready to slip under the covers.
I did.

And I had a couple of funny dreams last night, I don't remember the details though.
I just remember that I had to smile about them after I woke up around 3am on my way to the bathroom...



I went over to the stable (on our bike) with our small, blue bucket "filled" with about half a liter black oats, soaked in warm water.
That is what our horses get for breakfast.
Some of you might think that half a liter isn't much for two horses..
I agree!
But our horses don't have to work, they eat all day on the pasture, about every other day we go for a ride in the woods.
Only one of them has to carry weight.
The other one just has to stay out of trouble...

After we had breakfast too, we hooked up the (loaded) trailer and left here around 9am.

Just about 3 km from here we slowed down to make a photo of that little cutie and her mom, that foal is not older then a day or two.
("Mom" looks like a granddaughter of Pippi Longstockings horse "Little Old Man", doesn't she!)

We arrived at our future home a little over 2 hours later and unloaded our trailer.
Hay, fence posts, tools and our little green tractor.
Then I realized that this was our last drive there BEFORE the real move!!!
4 more nights!

I took these 2 pictures on our walk with the dogs late afternoon.
The light in the woods was fantastic.
We didn't see any Moose, but we saw fresh tracks.
(I have to be honest - the dogs "pointed them out" to us really..)

We'll be packing some more tomorrow.
And cleaning.
And we'll go grocery shopping.
And we'll have a nice cup of coffee in the supermarket cafe.
And I'll take the boys for a ride again.
It's going to be a fun day again, I'm sure!

YES, moving can be fun.
Hard work can be fun.
Good planning is essential and
you just need to take everything step by step and allow yourself a well deserved break from time to time.

It's slowly getting dark outside.
Hasi and her sister are standing at the window, they just discoverd a deer in the horse pasture.
How funny is that!
Good that the horses are INSIDE!

Time for bed again...

To be continued...


Saturday, May 23, 2009

To be continued...

5 Nights!

We started the day with a nice and relaxed breakfast.
It was raining this morning. The original plan was to start taking down the fence around the house right after breakfast, but instead we started to pack some more boxes first.
After the sky had cleared up we went outside.
I was "orderd" to take the boys for a ride.
And Hasi and Hilde volunteered to get started with the fence...

After lunch, leftover lasagne, we took stuff from the stable to the garage and loaded our little (green) loader, fence posts and some hay on the horse trailer.
We will go to Fjälkinge tomorrow one last time before the move on thuesday.

We did a lot today!
Late afternoon we drove down to Laxbutiken and treated ourselves to a very nice early dinner.
We took a little detour going home, driving on some back roads and enjoyed the wonderful green landscape and were back at the house around 6.30 pm.
We fed the horses and had a nice cup of coffee out in the yard...
now we are very tired.
Right now we are watching "the Closer" - that is such a fantastic show!!!

I just heard that Hasi and Hilde decided to take the dogs out for a little walk after the Closer has closed another case and before bedtime.
Maybe I'll join them, maybe I won't..

You'll find out tomorrow...


Friday, May 22, 2009

Still Problems with Internet Explorer?

Hi friends and visitors of hillybillyfarmgirl!

Over the past few days users of Internet Explorer might have dad difficulties reaching my blog or other peoples blogs (all over the world) and received following error message:

"internet explorer cannot open this website, operation aborted"

Users with Firefox or Safari were not affected.

It seems that no one really knows where the problem is, some say it occurs only with older versions of IE and that an update to IE 8 would help, but that was not the case with my PC.

I personally use an Apple Machine with Firefox and Safari as browsers, but we also have a PC in the house that had problems reaching my own blog with IE.
The update didn't have any effect.
So I don't think IE IS the problem at all.

I also read online that the problem is with and that they are working on fixing it...
That will probably take forever...

They recommend bloggers who's sites are unreachable to remove one or some of the Widgets in the sidebar like the "Followers" widget, because it might "solve" the problem.
That is what I just did and it seems to have worked.
It is not a satisfactory solution for me though because I like that widget, but I don't have any other choice right now it seems.
I hope will come up with a REAL solution soon, so I can put my widget back up again...

OR users could also change from IE to Firefox or Safari or other Browsers...!!

Please let me know IF and When you had problems...


I'd like to use this opportunity to thank all the kind people who come here and visit my blog on a regular basis!
It's great to have so many people from all over the world "here" and I am always happy if some of them take the time to leave a short comment. If not, it's OK too!
If time allows it I will visit your blogs and leave a note too, I promise!

Blogging is a fun thing to do, isn't it?!!


Eichhörnchen - Eurasian (red) squirrel


The eurasian squirrel is usually red, but it also comes in brown or darkbrown.
They have white bellies and most of them have those funny, hairy ears.

I took these photos of two squirrels about one month ago.
We were visiting Carola and those two were playing
and searching for food in Carola's beautiful garden.
I took the first shot through the kitchen window,
then I sneaked out the patio door to get some more...!

Now I really have to leave my Laptop and go and start on getting those chores done... !!!


A lot of work! / Viel Arbeit!

Preparing for the move!
It's just 6 more nights!


The round corral panels and gates are ready to be loaded...

And so are the old sofa, the tools and the antique bed from Hasi's Tante Truus...

Stuff, stuff, stuff...

Another hard working soul...

Helpers EVERYwhere! :)

Barry decided to take his toys to the garage himself
where things and boxes start to pile up...

And after the working day is over
Hasi drinks her well deserved (austrian) pint.


Hasi just left to pick up her sister Hilde from the airport in Göteborg.
It's nice to get reinforcement for a couple of days.
I am left with some more household chores to do.
We already dusted and vacuumed the entire house this morning
but there's still more to do.
( I have to emphasize that householding activities have never been my favorite..!)
The dishwasher needs to be emptied,
there is some more stuff that needs to be put into boxes
and I will alsos start to pepare for tonights dinner.
(That's FUN!)
We are expecting our friend Marianne (the swedish teacher)
and her husband Stefan.
I's always nice to have them for company.

The main course will be Lasagne,
and we'll have Kaiserschmarren for desert.

The weather has been very pleasant lately.
Today it's a bit colder, around 10 - 15 C〫and it's clouded.
I also have to go and check on the horses,
I am sure they would be happy about an apple or two as well...

Have a great day everyone!



Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet Explorer - Browser Problem

Since this morning people who are using Internet Explorer as their browser might experience problems viewing my blog.

Browsers like Firefox and Safari seem to work just fine.

I am sorry about that, I'll try to find out what the problem is and fix it asap...
It might also be a "blogger problem" so I don't really know how long it will take.

I just changed the layout a bit to see if it could fix the problem.
I hope I can go back to my old layout soon without any problems.

Feedback on what the problem could be
and/or a possible solution is welcome!



I really like those little fellas,
in german we call them
in english they are called
because they "wag" their tail up and down all the time.
Looks funny, believe me!

We also have the same bird in Black and Yellow,
then they are called "Wiesenstelze"... and live close to rivers and creeks.

This one was following our horses on the pasture.
It got so close to Indigos feet a couple of times,
that I thought he would step on it..


Well, I grew up!

Edith Lind, little sister of Moa.
She's almost 10 months old now!
Time is nothing when you look into a childs eyes!


A lot of (moving-) work is still ahead of us.
My back is much better thanks to pain killers
and a very successful treatment from my friend Carola.

Moving date is getting closer and closer.
One more week!!!

Today we will make some order in the garage, pack tools and stuff.
We'll bring down boxes from upstairs
(still packed from our last move) and put them also in the garage,
get them ready for the movers to load next Thursday.

Tomorrow Hasi's sister will arrive from Holland.
Hilde will help us with packing an cleaning.
And we'll take her to Laxbutiken!!

Today is a holiday here in Sweden
(and some other countries as well, of course),
Ascension Day (Kristi himmelsfärdsdag)

I don't know if it's a big religious holiday here or not
but I do know the people are happy to have a day off from work.
But who wouldn't!
In Austria, where I was raised catholic, it IS still a big holiday.
When I was little we would always
put on our very best cloth and go to church.
We would go to the HOCHAMT, a very special and cerimonial service.
I always loved to listen to the choir and watch their choirmaster swing his baton.
I remember the funny expressions on his face.
He also used to play the organ AND he was our mailman. :))
I also remember the nice, always smiling, older lady
that used to play the organ before him.
She was such a kind woman.
I remember spending a lot hours in that church.
I also remember that couple that was always, always! 10 minutes late.
I would sit there, listen and study faces, paintings on the walls and ceilings
and look at the colorful windows.
I remember the massiv pillars (granite) in the building,
and how I was wondering about
how people where able to put them up there in those times.
They didn't have heavy machinery,
they didn't have those gigantic yellow cranes...

Most of the time I had a good view over the entire church
cause my mother was member of that choir
and little people were allowed to sit there
with their moms or dads.

Later, when I got taller, I had to sit "downstairs"
which wasn't that exciting.
Well, thats how life goes sometimes and growing up
comes with pros and cons.

I am not going to church anymore.
I have stopped a long time ago.
What happend?
Well, I grew up!
I started to develop my own ideas about life,
about how to think and how to live my life
and that doesn't always agree with what this church is teaching.

That doesn't mean that I don't believe.
I believe in many things.
I believe in Love and Faith.
I believe in the goodness in peoples hearts and souls.
I believe in the power of nature
and our power to be there for each other.
I believe in the power of healing ourselves
and the power of forgiveness.

I believe in life and that everything has a purpose.

I won't go to church today.
Today's purpose is to continue packing for the move...

Have a great (holi)day everyone!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Unexpected honors!

It's time for an Award!!!

Wow!Thank you Janine, author ofSniffles and Smiles,for honoring my blog with the


I have to say I am a bit overvelmed by this.It's my first award nomination! :))This makes a perfect day complete,thank you with all my heart!

Details of Noblesse Award are:

The recipient of this award is recognized for the following:

1. The blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade amongst different cultures and beliefs.

2. There is a clear purpose at the blog; one that fosters a better understanding on Social, Political, Economic, the Arts, Cultures, Sciences and Beliefs

3. Their Blog contents inspire; strives to encourage, and offers solutions

4. The blogger promotes friendship and positive thinking.

The blogger who receives this award will need to perform the following:

1. Create a post with a mention and link to the person who presented the Noblesse Oblige Award

2. The Award Conditions must be displayed at the PostWrite a short article about what the Blog has thus far achieved - preferably citing one or more older posts as support

3. The Blogger must present the Noblesse Oblige Award in concurrence with the Award conditionss

4. Blogger must display the Award in any location at their Blog.

NOW...What has this blog achieved so far? As the author of this blog I find this a difficult question to answer.I am not "an achiever", never was and never will be.I think of me as a humble and somehow shy soul/blogger, who has learned in baby steps to share some of her (most) private adventures and thoughts in her life.I share pictures, snapshots of special occasions, emotions, "aha-moments" and more.I share with friends, family and strangers and I do it with love!Every word that I type, every picture I post, comes from my heart.I believe that this is probably my biggest achievement in this regard.Here are just a few of my previous posts that have a special meaning to me..I had a dream, Wash over your spirit, No plan, Flap your wings

I love how my blog has become some kind of "meeting point" for others, for fellow men and women from different backgrounds, different countries, bird and horse lovers, writers and readers.

It's hard to make a small selection of bloggers that I'd like to honor with this award,(i've looked around and noticed that other bloggers pass on the award to several of their favorite blogs, so I will do the same...)becausethere are so many people out therewho share their lives and thoughts with ME (and others of course ;-)and make me smile and think, whose words and creativity are an ispiration to me. Thank you all!Ok, here it comes...Ta Ta!

Letters from Usedom

Lori Times Five

Musings from the deep

A focus in the wild


I hope you are as happy about receiving this award as I am.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The last couple of days
were somehow "tuff", let's put it that way.
To have physical pain is never pleasant,
but sometimes it get's to a level where it is really pressing on your mind.
Then you feel even more miserable,
the muscles tighten up even more and there seems no way out
other then to pay the doctor's office a visit.
The funny thing about the whole process is that
this pain is caused by mental stress from the beginning, in my case anyways.
So mental stress - meaning my brain/ego/painbody -
takes over and causes pain, that pain
causes more psychological stress and so it continues to add up and up...

Unless you deal with your mental stress,
find out what is causing the blockage
and find a way
to express "what's in the way"
of happiness and physical wellbeing.

It's sometimes not easy or even impossible
to do that on your own, that's for sure.
That is why I am so thankful for
a very loving and caring partner
and a best friend that happens to be a holistic therapist...

People around you who love you and
are able to see more of a "complete" picture
then yourself
are ready to help,
you just have to let them.


♥ ♥

The planned move to our new home is progressing well.
We were able ot take two trips with our horsetrailer
loaded with "stuff" and "more stuff" so far.
Today we moved some fencing material and horse feed...

On the way back we took another U-turn to visit our friend Carola
who is giving special riding coach clinic on her Gård (farmyard).
We had fantastic lunch and took some time to take pictures...
The sun was very bright and sharp,
so it was a bit difficult to get a couple of decent shots.
But it's not always perfection that counts, right?!


Moa Lind and Kalle

Photographer Moa Lind - she has a fantastic "eye" for detail!

After lunch...

Kalle and owner getting ready for the clinic..

Beautiful young dog (forgot the breed..)

Carola speaking to focused participants.

And "Fröken" decides to take a nap!