Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mules ARE special

This morning I "was over" at our friends new blog...

She posted a photograph of her and her Mule Polly.

That reminded me of the days when I
first met MJ and T (her husband).
They were vacationing in Austria back in 96 I believe.
I was working on a guest ranch as a trail guide at that time
and they were my first guests from the US.
I've never had any contact to Mules or Mule people before
and when MJ started to tell me about her "Polly ",
and about the fact that Mules are different from horses,
I had a hard time believing that at first.
But thanks to MJ and her Mule and some
other encounters with Mules during our
visits in the US we learned some very valuable facts about Mules.

Here are some photos
(partly made with analog cameras and scanned into the computer)
from those encounters...

1998, Hasi on Polly and Me on Rhettly in Oregon

1998, Polly and Hasi bonding

1998, MJ and Polly allowed us to try out some training techniques
that we had learned at the Three Rivers Ranch in Texas on our first Mule.
Polly was very patient with us... :)

2006 I went to Colorado to become an equine massage therapist,
after about 2 months of education and massaging around 50 horses
Polly was my first "real client".
She was watching and following every move and every touch
and I loved working with her.


2000 I believe..
We got to go on a Mule ride down the Grand Canyon NP
to Plateau Point, a gift from MJ and T.
An unforgettable experience!!!

MJ took us to Bishop, CA to see the annual Bishop Mule Days.
What a trip, what a sight!

See that nice Palomino Mule?
I got to ride her myself after the show! See below...

This was at Mr. Stentons training stable,
Hasi got to drive one of his Mules!
So cool!

Here some more impressions from that day in Bishop:

Beautiful Mini Donkey!

Mules rock!



  1. Thanks for sharing on your blog some of the great memories and times we had during your visits with us here in the United States. I just wanted anybody reading your blog to know that you (and Hasi) were able to gain the trust of a very causious mule. And yes, she still remembers many of the things that you worked with her on. Mules never forget anything...that can be a very good thing if used correctly. Thanks again for sharing your mule memories.

  2. Very interesting post! I had to laugh at your first photo with the Mule Xing sign. Here we have Moose Xing or Dog Team Xing. I wonder what varieties of critters are on these signs around the world. I'm sure there are some very exotic ones.

  3. A friend of mine has 2 mules that she and her hubby trail ride. They are great shure footed trail animals. They had one pinto and one bay with white socks. Both were really different. They were really sweet. named Jonah and Pitts. lol ...debbie

  4. Great post. Liked all the photos. I hear Mules are more even-tempered than horses and are great for trail rides.

  5. There are some mules up where I board now...saw the mule crossing sign..waiting to run into them on the trail.
    I wonder what they feel like in gait?

  6. ...ahh! Love all those little mules!


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