Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My name is

"CLEO van de Voorste Grootel"

Born: 17.05.2001 in the Netherlands

Breed: Jack Russel

That was when I was a kid, wasn't I cute?!!

That's me with my brother "Flash"
(I grew up with him but unfortunately he is no longer with us).

I always love to travel!

I do NOT like more then 2 inches of snow
because I can't hop like a bunny (yet)!

I love to sleep in "the big" bed! It's so roomy!

I am very fond of sheep but...

I think that black, clumsy puppies are stupid!

And they don't deserve to have a bone...

that's for sure!!!

I do NOT like to share the "big bed" with any other dogs,
but what can I do, those black, clumsy puppies get bigger and bigger...

I am "OK" with getting a haircut every 3 to 4 months.

I like the family cat(s) BUT cannot stand strange cats at all!
Strange cats are usually afraid of me,
but IF not, I make "friends" with them.

I love MY toys, but I am generously sharing them with my black hero!
He is a big boy now and protects me, so...
I've got to reward that.

I HATE it when they force me to take a shower!

I usually look at them very angry and disapointed,
that makes them feel guilty and then they give me biscuits! HiHi! ;-)

I love to swim when I !!! feel like getting wet. ;-)

I also love to POSE with C.
Aren't we pretty?!

Last but not least...
I am always happy if someone plays with me!



  1. thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i love your pictures, what cute little friends! your work is inspiring! thanks for sharing!

  2. That would be why Jack Russel's think they rule the world. we too are owned by

  3. I adore Cleo! What an adorable dog! Love Jack Russels!!! Great shots! Terrific photo essay! Love this one! ~Janine

  4. I like this pictures with comments, it's funny, and the dog is full of personality isn't he?

  5. Love the pictures! My fav is the one of Cleo among the toys!

  6. Cleo is adorable and definitely in charge!! :-)

  7. Oh Cleo, you are such a cutie~Pie!!
    She has the most expressive eyes and is so little and I bet bouncy!!lol...debbie

  8. Such a funny little doggy! Seems he got quite a character though! :)

  9. Cleo looks like he enjoys the journey of life and lives in the moment! He is such a cute and expressive dog.

  10. Cleo is a "keeper". Very cute, and cute little narrative too.

  11. Aw,that is just gorgeous, what a beautiful little Cleo she is. Your blog is wonderful.

  12. Aww! Cleo is so cute!I love dogs,they are the best!

    The post was nice too :D

    love ♥

  13. Cleo is darling! And so are the others.


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