Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I had to run into Getinge yesterday for some errands.
I took another road home and came across a couple of nice photo opportunities.
Here are just a couple of them for now, I'll save the others for another post.


Church of Åsige

I passed the pasture where our landlord keeps his mares and foals,
as I saw that one of the foals had gotten himself in trouble...
He (or she) had gotten on the other side of the fence somehow
and couldn't get back, so I drove down to landlords farm
and told him and his wife about it.
A couple of minutes later the foal and mare were reunited....
and I got the chance to get close to the babies to get a couple of nice shots!



Landlord told me that the black foal is called "Sembs Obama"
because he looks very promising and
they have much hope in him to be a famous racing horse someday.

Obama takes a nap guarded by his mommy.


This little cutie was very brave and very curious,
he almost bumped into my camera...


Isn't she gorgeaus?! Long legs and pretty eyes!


That's the little runaway,
after a good drink at mommies milk bar
the world was OK again.



  1. Horse pictures are just wonderful. Aren't the foals so so cute!! I nearly gasped when I read your landlord named his foal Obama...how horrifying...I am not a fan of Obama and his changes are not good for America. That poor foal...to have a name like that...eeeee!gads...debbie

  2. Obama?, cute!, and the little blood bay filly is beautiful. nice photos michi! mj

  3. Sometimes taking the different road pays off in big ways! How fortunate you were to get to take the closeup photos of all the babies. The photos and the babies are beautiful! Good work!

  4. Beautiful shots of the horses....I love this post :)

  5. Thanks guys! And welcome on board MJ ! :))

  6. Just gorgeous horse photos! One of my favorite subjects. Great job!


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