Monday, May 4, 2009

It is raining

Finally, after about 4 weeks of sunshine, it is raining.
It started yesterday evening, as they (the weatherforecast) had predicted.

It is a perfect soft rain, perfect for nature I mean.
The dry soil is hungry for it, takes it in slowly.

Looking over to the barn I see Midas eating out in the rain, he loves it!
Indigo is more of a sunshine "person", so he is eating inside.

Missy, our cat, wanted to go outside for a while this morning...
She was back inside quite fast!

I love rain like this!
The air is so clean, it smells great outside.
The birds are sitting on the electric highwire, taking a shower and cleaning their feathers.

And nature seems to take a
peaceful nap in the silence of the falling raindrops.

Fantastic Monday everyone!




  1. I hate Rain and I hate Mondays and what i really hate is those two together.

    But I love to be home ;)

  2. It is raining here in Montana today too. A nice soft, gentle rain. Our earth is thirsty here too. Everything is turning green now.

  3. Love your description of the rain in your area - I can visualize it. I always love the smell of a fresh rain storm!

  4. Hej hej! Thanks for finding the time to visit my blog and for your comments all over - very encouraging!I like the way how you describe the rain - reminds me of the time I spent with my grandma in her tiny shabby little summer house when I was little - probably one of the happiest times in my life!

    Yes I have been to Sweden, I actually spent 1 year in Karlstad doing my Master's there and then came back to Stockholm for occasional visits...I really miss that time, I have learned so much back then, not only with regards to my studies but also about love to nature, tolerance, independence, and I really love Swedish design - so simple but handy, economic and beautiful. So you are Swedish living in Austria? Saw the list of your movies and it reminded me - have you watched 'Into the wild' by any chance? I thought you might find it interesting ;)

  5. @ Olga...

    I grew up in Austria, I live in Sweden since oct. last year... ;-)

  6. Colorado has had rain too. I love it. Polly and Rhettly love it, but now I'll have to get the curry combs and brushes out because the mighty ones are MUDDY! ;o(

  7. Last week I was in Hamburg and came right into a beautiful thunderstorm. Jojo and I were sitting in the bus while it was raining and howling all around us, and I looked at the puddles and the lighting, and I thought, I LOVE IT!
    Usedom is still waiting for rain! Our garden needs it badly.


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