Friday, May 15, 2009

Lax = Salmon = Lachs

The nice thing about moving
to a new place / home from time to time is,
that you get to make new friends.

We "found" M. a couple of months ago
while looking for a private swedish-teacher.
We put out an add on the internet and
it didn't take long 'till we got an answer.
The woman on the phone sounded very nice
and she said she would live just 15 min from here.
She invited us over for tea on a sunday afternoon I believe,
and so we got to meet M., her husband S. and their dogs.
The dogs have their own website!!
It was a very nice afternoon, we liked her sense of humor
and felt right at place.
We agreed to set a date for the first lesson...

We had found a swedish teacher!

Now, a couple of months later,
after enjoying great swedish lessons, english tea,
coffee and banana-chocolate cake
we have found friendship.

That's how it goes sometimes, doesn't it.
So nice!!!

We will leave Halland in about 2 weeks and move to another province.
But it's only going to be 2 hours with the car
so we hope to be able to stay in contact with M & her husband S !!

We took M out for lunch yesterday.
We went to a special place not too far from here.
It's called "Laxbutiken".
Lax is swedish and means Salmon...
They just recently opend the brandnew and very colorful, modern restaurant.

They have been building all winter and it is a HUGE place now.

Well, it is much more then a restaurant really.
They have cosy launch chairs and conference rooms too.

It is also possible to pick up food
take away

AND they have an LAXOMAT - that means they have a special room where you can buy Lax even when the restaurant is closed.
It's sort of a big vending machine, sort of...
it's a boutique = butik = Laxbutik ;-)

we had a great time and VERY good food!

Tack och kram!
See you for Kaiserschmarren!!



  1. Wow, that food looks pretty inviting. Interesting post!

  2. Hi, Thanks for visiting my blog... I am so fascinated with yours. Are you an American farm girl--who is living overseas. Looks like you are moving again. What a neat way to see the world--and make all kinds of new friends.

    Thanks again for visiting. Come back anytime.
    Betsy ---a "Mountain" gal from Tennessee

  3. How lucky you were to find a friend as well as a tutor. I'm looking forward to reading more about your life in Sweden.

  4. How wonderful! But I think YOU make friends wherever you go!!!! You have a knack for it! ~Janine XO


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