Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moose AGAIN! - and AGAIN no camera!

Yes, I just came back from a short ride.
I took the boys for their almost daily round through the forrest nearby.

I didn't bring a camera.

She was laying down on another spot today.
She didn't even get up when she saw us passing by.
I love Mrs. Moose!
Seems like she is sticking around to have her baby soon...
Next time I WILL bring the camera, that's for sure!



  1. I love moose, they are so rarely seen anymore.

  2. How lucky you are to have lovely countryside, great forest to ride and a pregnant moose!! I have never seen a real one. They are so weird looking. So I enjoy your pictures!...debbie

  3. Even when I have the camera, the animals move faster than me when I try to get a picture...ran into a black bear once and soon as the camera was pulled out, he took off through the woods. His image is still in my mind though!

  4. Oh, I will certainly look forward to your pictures of the Mama Moose! What a lovely place to live!!! You are so fortunate! Have a terrific day! ~Janine XO

  5. Isn't that always the way!! No camera, fantastic sight! I hope you eventually get Mrs. Moose. I look forward to seeing her!

  6. You definitely need to take your camera with you next time. Just remember that once she has her baby you don't want to ever get between her and the baby. Moose can be quite dangerous in those situations and they have a powerful kick. Show her respect and you will get some wonderful photos. Good luck.

    Living in Alaska, I have managed to get quite a few moose photos, and it is always a treat. I have some posted on my blog, and I'll post some more in the next few days.

  7. @Amanda... they are not rare here, they are just very shy and due to the fact that sweden has huge forests, they don't really have to come out so much either. I think you really have to go and spend time in the woods (on horse back or hiking) in order to see them.

    @Lorenzo... "image is still in my mind though" - I agree on that, there is no better hard disc then the human brain.. if it works properly, ;-)

    @ Debbie, Janine, Kelly and Elaine...
    I really hope I'll see her again with baby moose on her side before we move end of may. And I will be trying to get a good shot from a very respectful distance, believe me. I once saw a mama moose attack a man in Yellowstone NP, he had gotten too close to her and her baby. She layed her ears back like a angry horse, rolled her eyes and jumped at him, that guy was lucky that he was able to get away fast enough...


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