Sunday, May 24, 2009

Follow up

I didn't...
(join them for the evening walk yesterday)

I was already in my PJ's when they got back.
Ready to slip under the covers.
I did.

And I had a couple of funny dreams last night, I don't remember the details though.
I just remember that I had to smile about them after I woke up around 3am on my way to the bathroom...



I went over to the stable (on our bike) with our small, blue bucket "filled" with about half a liter black oats, soaked in warm water.
That is what our horses get for breakfast.
Some of you might think that half a liter isn't much for two horses..
I agree!
But our horses don't have to work, they eat all day on the pasture, about every other day we go for a ride in the woods.
Only one of them has to carry weight.
The other one just has to stay out of trouble...

After we had breakfast too, we hooked up the (loaded) trailer and left here around 9am.

Just about 3 km from here we slowed down to make a photo of that little cutie and her mom, that foal is not older then a day or two.
("Mom" looks like a granddaughter of Pippi Longstockings horse "Little Old Man", doesn't she!)

We arrived at our future home a little over 2 hours later and unloaded our trailer.
Hay, fence posts, tools and our little green tractor.
Then I realized that this was our last drive there BEFORE the real move!!!
4 more nights!

I took these 2 pictures on our walk with the dogs late afternoon.
The light in the woods was fantastic.
We didn't see any Moose, but we saw fresh tracks.
(I have to be honest - the dogs "pointed them out" to us really..)

We'll be packing some more tomorrow.
And cleaning.
And we'll go grocery shopping.
And we'll have a nice cup of coffee in the supermarket cafe.
And I'll take the boys for a ride again.
It's going to be a fun day again, I'm sure!

YES, moving can be fun.
Hard work can be fun.
Good planning is essential and
you just need to take everything step by step and allow yourself a well deserved break from time to time.

It's slowly getting dark outside.
Hasi and her sister are standing at the window, they just discoverd a deer in the horse pasture.
How funny is that!
Good that the horses are INSIDE!

Time for bed again...

To be continued...



  1. You're almost there! Love the Mare and Foal photo.

  2. Love the photos, they are wonderful. :D

  3. Wonderful photos!!! Can't believe you still have time to blog and move at the same time!!!! You're amazing!!! ~Janine XO

  4. You're cramming a lot into your days! Beautiful photos. The light on the leaves is fantastic.

  5. Good light always helps for photos, doesn't it? ;) Cute little mare, great spots! She looks Appy, but I'm wondering if she's something else since she's so stout?


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