Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I just wondered...

What happend since that day when all my possessions fit in just one small car...

Does one person really need so much stuff???

I know the answer, my answer is NO.

Now, we have a two person household.

That's stuff x 2


We have 5 animals.

That's stuff x 7

Almost everything is packed!

And I am singing hallelujah!



  1. I know packing isn't fun ~ but it is a great way of getting rid of stuff you don't use! I am not a keeper of things like my sweet robert, so I get rid of stuff quite frequently ~ if we ever moved though - it would be horrible. We have 18 years of stuff in this house! Good luck with the move. Hope all goes well -course, there is no reason why it shouldn't!!...debbie

  2. made me laugh. It's amazing how much "stuff" we accumulate. I like your new design also...very pretty! Glad your packing is through. Now the excitement of new digs begins!

  3. Ha ha so true!!Actually its stuff x 2 for 1 person,when you are travelling ;-)

    ♥ Chaitra


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