Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The last couple of days
were somehow "tuff", let's put it that way.
To have physical pain is never pleasant,
but sometimes it get's to a level where it is really pressing on your mind.
Then you feel even more miserable,
the muscles tighten up even more and there seems no way out
other then to pay the doctor's office a visit.
The funny thing about the whole process is that
this pain is caused by mental stress from the beginning, in my case anyways.
So mental stress - meaning my brain/ego/painbody -
takes over and causes pain, that pain
causes more psychological stress and so it continues to add up and up...

Unless you deal with your mental stress,
find out what is causing the blockage
and find a way
to express "what's in the way"
of happiness and physical wellbeing.

It's sometimes not easy or even impossible
to do that on your own, that's for sure.
That is why I am so thankful for
a very loving and caring partner
and a best friend that happens to be a holistic therapist...

People around you who love you and
are able to see more of a "complete" picture
then yourself
are ready to help,
you just have to let them.


♥ ♥

The planned move to our new home is progressing well.
We were able ot take two trips with our horsetrailer
loaded with "stuff" and "more stuff" so far.
Today we moved some fencing material and horse feed...

On the way back we took another U-turn to visit our friend Carola
who is giving special riding coach clinic on her Gård (farmyard).
We had fantastic lunch and took some time to take pictures...
The sun was very bright and sharp,
so it was a bit difficult to get a couple of decent shots.
But it's not always perfection that counts, right?!


Moa Lind and Kalle

Photographer Moa Lind - she has a fantastic "eye" for detail!

After lunch...

Kalle and owner getting ready for the clinic..

Beautiful young dog (forgot the breed..)

Carola speaking to focused participants.

And "Fröken" decides to take a nap!



  1. Thank you for such kind words about my blog...I appreciate you stopping by!!

    I absolutely love your photos of Moa Lind...she is just a beautiful child. The whole day looked like a great time!

    Hope your pain eases as the days go by...take care.

  2. ...the first three portraits are absolutely beautiful.

  3. I am sorry to hear you are still in pain. Put ice on 20 minutes and off 20 for a few hours when you get time. Works wonders. Also try your Horse Lotion. I bought a big bottle of Jack's Absorbent Blue Heat for my horse a long time ago and use it on myself. It works wonders. Smells interesting, but it works. My hubby has had terrible with his shoulder and its the only thing that will relieve his pain. So go get your horse lotion out and use it!!!...debbie

  4. Nice photos as usual. Keep your mind focused and happy, it is very important. Very glad to hear that you took some time to enjoy the day and rest some. Ingrid looks very happy! :) Hugs.....ykw

  5. Stunning photos...ooh, ahh...Love these...Sorry I cannot linger and bask in their beauty....busy day...

    I'm here today to let you know that I've nominated you for the Noblesse Oblige Award... visit my blog to pick it up! Congrats...you certainly fit the award's description! I'm proud to know you. ~Janine XO


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