Thursday, May 7, 2009

A few words on Cleo...


I just decided to comment on all the readers comments right here,
first because I think it is more convenient for everyone to read and
second because I feel like it.

YES, Cleo is a keeper, she is adorable and cute, she has a big personality and is funny.
She makes us laugh a lot, even in situations that are not so funny sometimes...

We spoil her quite a lot,
we always make sure she is happy.

Well, some people think we spoil her, but who is asking them?!
For us, taking care of an animal
in a way that they are happy, is normal.

She "tells" us a lot what to do and how to do it,
but she is never "bossy" or really angry.
She is the most gentle Jack Russel there is.

She has the cutest eyes and if she wants something
(like sitting in the co-drivers lap instead of the back seat)
she will let you know with the sweetest OR most pathetic look on her face.

And she is very persistent, believe me!
If she doesn't get the attention she wants, she starts making the funniest noises...

BUT on the other hand it is easy for her to accept
a simple "NO".

She is gentle with kids and babies, takes good care of her
big buddy Barry (I will introduce him soon too),
she taught him a lot (even the bad things..)

and she is the


Thank you all for your nice comments!


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