Sunday, May 8, 2011

As the days and weeks progress...

...we manage to proceed in making a cosy home for us and our animals.

Today we count the eleventh day since the move.
Honestly, it feels like we've been living here for months!
We enjoy good night sleeps and and happy days.
The house feels kind, the weather gets better and warmer every day and more and more things get unpacked and installed.

Like the outside antenna for our internet connection and the satellite dish...

We bought a ceiling lamp and carpets, bought a wardrobe for the bathroom and installed an extra shelf in the laundry "corner".
We put out a little bird bath, bought some flowers for the front entrance area and planted some herbs behind the house.

Cleo has been busy with rolling in the grass (or a dead worm) and chewing away a few pig ears and bull sticks... which is hard work for her.
She is 10 now but her teeth are still doing a perfect job! *lol*

Aaron also gets to chew on bones and ears. He also gets visitors from time to time... The cows who live  on the property with us (summer pasture) are very curious and when we are outside they come and stop by for a visit...
In the beginning the cows were a bit worried about the safety of their calfs, followed Aaron's and Cleo's every move, but now they are cool about the big shepherd and the small terrier :))

What we still need to buy is a wardrobe for the bedroom. This sounds like an easy task, doesn't it!!??
Unfortunately it isn't. Even in "IKEA country" it isn't.
Especially when you live in an old house where the ceiling height is not at nowadays standard.
We came to the conclusion that our only chance is to buy a used, maybe even antique wardrobe.
We'll see what we can find... wish us luck!

Another project I am working on is an extra shelf in the kitchen, for the microwave oven, to create more working space on the kitchen counter.
In the meantime we also have to finish the fence around the house. We still don't have gates installed, we use simple metal gardening panels as "gates" at the moment.

This afternoon I cleaned out the old workshop that served as a temporary storage and got started with moving my workshop-moving-boxes into the workshop in the bigger barn. I first had to swing my besom there as well, of course!
Next step will be installing a couple of shelfs and then I can finally unpack all my tools again.

Last wednesday I got started at my new working place.
Same company, different location. It feels good :))
Växjö and it's vicinity are gorgeous.
The city of VÄXJÖ is also called
"Europe's greenest city"...
and it fells to be true when you drive through it's different neighborhoods.

Well, again it's time for bed...
Here some more photos I took the other day, on a walk together with Cleo. Enjoy!

View from the south (also photo below)

Ditch alongside a forrest road

 That is moose poop, just in case you wonder  ;-)

Kingcup or Marsh Marigold 

Northwest corner of the backyard - Cleo's favorite place to dig for mice :)

Take care everyone!  :))