Saturday, May 23, 2009

To be continued...

5 Nights!

We started the day with a nice and relaxed breakfast.
It was raining this morning. The original plan was to start taking down the fence around the house right after breakfast, but instead we started to pack some more boxes first.
After the sky had cleared up we went outside.
I was "orderd" to take the boys for a ride.
And Hasi and Hilde volunteered to get started with the fence...

After lunch, leftover lasagne, we took stuff from the stable to the garage and loaded our little (green) loader, fence posts and some hay on the horse trailer.
We will go to Fjälkinge tomorrow one last time before the move on thuesday.

We did a lot today!
Late afternoon we drove down to Laxbutiken and treated ourselves to a very nice early dinner.
We took a little detour going home, driving on some back roads and enjoyed the wonderful green landscape and were back at the house around 6.30 pm.
We fed the horses and had a nice cup of coffee out in the yard...
now we are very tired.
Right now we are watching "the Closer" - that is such a fantastic show!!!

I just heard that Hasi and Hilde decided to take the dogs out for a little walk after the Closer has closed another case and before bedtime.
Maybe I'll join them, maybe I won't..

You'll find out tomorrow...



  1. Oh, your dinner looks scrumptious!!! Makes me hungry!!! Congrats on getting so much done!!! Moving day is almost here...and I'm sure you are tired but very excited!!! ~Janine XO

  2. What an exciting time for you! I love all the photos. Moving is such an ordeal but the outcome will be wonderful. Am anxiously awaiting the photos of the unpacking! :)

    Thanks for the info on Internet Explorer. I switched to Google's Chrome and the problems have vanished!

  3. What fun. Dinner looks great.Don't envy you having to move.

  4. The impression you give is that hard work is fun. Hope your move goes well.


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