Friday, May 22, 2009

A lot of work! / Viel Arbeit!

Preparing for the move!
It's just 6 more nights!


The round corral panels and gates are ready to be loaded...

And so are the old sofa, the tools and the antique bed from Hasi's Tante Truus...

Stuff, stuff, stuff...

Another hard working soul...

Helpers EVERYwhere! :)

Barry decided to take his toys to the garage himself
where things and boxes start to pile up...

And after the working day is over
Hasi drinks her well deserved (austrian) pint.


Hasi just left to pick up her sister Hilde from the airport in Göteborg.
It's nice to get reinforcement for a couple of days.
I am left with some more household chores to do.
We already dusted and vacuumed the entire house this morning
but there's still more to do.
( I have to emphasize that householding activities have never been my favorite..!)
The dishwasher needs to be emptied,
there is some more stuff that needs to be put into boxes
and I will alsos start to pepare for tonights dinner.
(That's FUN!)
We are expecting our friend Marianne (the swedish teacher)
and her husband Stefan.
I's always nice to have them for company.

The main course will be Lasagne,
and we'll have Kaiserschmarren for desert.

The weather has been very pleasant lately.
Today it's a bit colder, around 10 - 15 C〫and it's clouded.
I also have to go and check on the horses,
I am sure they would be happy about an apple or two as well...

Have a great day everyone!




  1. Kaiserschmarren? what is this? Is it yummy?

  2. I can personally speak for Michi's kaisershmarren, it's VERY yummy.
    Barry looks a little bit worried, but he's made the move before and I guess he's just making sure that his favorite toys get moved too!
    Tell Ingrid I'll have a cold beer for her tonight and be thinking of you all. Take care! mj

  3. Oh, your pictures just make me smile...moving is a terrible job...but your picture of the bumble bee and Barry are delightful! Best wishes to you!!!!! ~Janine XO

  4. ...seems there is a lot of excitement in the air at your house, und" viel arbeit" ist richtig! I love the photo of Barry carrying his toy to the garage. The beer reminds me of a memory from 1985 when I arrived in Germany. I remember seeing a big truck with the phrase. "Bitte, ein Bit!" on it. I knew I was going to like this place immediately! Also...I remember going to Tivoli one evening in Copenhagen and having the best beer there. I think it was a Tuborg--it was a fabulous evening!

  5. Moving, Ugg all the emotions, making sure this is packed, that's cleaned, whoe's calling to get this shut off, this turned on, where did I put that...etc... Remember after all is said and done, as long as your animals are safe, warm and fed and your loved one is by your side, all is right with the world. Everything will fall into place... We've combined two households and moved twice and I'm sure hoping that this is the final home for us... Hey if it's between laughing or crying, I choose laughing!! It works! Good luck and Good humor.


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