Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well, I grew up!

Edith Lind, little sister of Moa.
She's almost 10 months old now!
Time is nothing when you look into a childs eyes!


A lot of (moving-) work is still ahead of us.
My back is much better thanks to pain killers
and a very successful treatment from my friend Carola.

Moving date is getting closer and closer.
One more week!!!

Today we will make some order in the garage, pack tools and stuff.
We'll bring down boxes from upstairs
(still packed from our last move) and put them also in the garage,
get them ready for the movers to load next Thursday.

Tomorrow Hasi's sister will arrive from Holland.
Hilde will help us with packing an cleaning.
And we'll take her to Laxbutiken!!

Today is a holiday here in Sweden
(and some other countries as well, of course),
Ascension Day (Kristi himmelsfärdsdag)

I don't know if it's a big religious holiday here or not
but I do know the people are happy to have a day off from work.
But who wouldn't!
In Austria, where I was raised catholic, it IS still a big holiday.
When I was little we would always
put on our very best cloth and go to church.
We would go to the HOCHAMT, a very special and cerimonial service.
I always loved to listen to the choir and watch their choirmaster swing his baton.
I remember the funny expressions on his face.
He also used to play the organ AND he was our mailman. :))
I also remember the nice, always smiling, older lady
that used to play the organ before him.
She was such a kind woman.
I remember spending a lot hours in that church.
I also remember that couple that was always, always! 10 minutes late.
I would sit there, listen and study faces, paintings on the walls and ceilings
and look at the colorful windows.
I remember the massiv pillars (granite) in the building,
and how I was wondering about
how people where able to put them up there in those times.
They didn't have heavy machinery,
they didn't have those gigantic yellow cranes...

Most of the time I had a good view over the entire church
cause my mother was member of that choir
and little people were allowed to sit there
with their moms or dads.

Later, when I got taller, I had to sit "downstairs"
which wasn't that exciting.
Well, thats how life goes sometimes and growing up
comes with pros and cons.

I am not going to church anymore.
I have stopped a long time ago.
What happend?
Well, I grew up!
I started to develop my own ideas about life,
about how to think and how to live my life
and that doesn't always agree with what this church is teaching.

That doesn't mean that I don't believe.
I believe in many things.
I believe in Love and Faith.
I believe in the goodness in peoples hearts and souls.
I believe in the power of nature
and our power to be there for each other.
I believe in the power of healing ourselves
and the power of forgiveness.

I believe in life and that everything has a purpose.

I won't go to church today.
Today's purpose is to continue packing for the move...

Have a great (holi)day everyone!!!


  1. Wonderful post ~ I loved it, probably because I relate so much to it. Enjoy your holiday. :D

  2. Michaela, I could almost smell the incent, when I read about your Christihimmelfahrts-church-experiences. So many memories! Great story! :)


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