Friday, May 15, 2009

Shine Sun! Shine!

Weather is great these days. Not too hot and not too cold. We had lunch outside today and the food didn't get cold on the plate!!! I can't stand it when that happens.. ;-)

Sweden is famous for his many daylight hours throughout the summer.
In middle sweden (about 800km beeline north of here)
the sun sets little before midnight and rises around 3 am....
In north sweden the sun doesn't set at all during some weeks of summer.
There is a place in north Norway called Tromsø,
(1500km north of here)
where the sun is up all day from mid May to 25th of July!
I wonder how people manage to sleep!
Well, blinds will help but still...

How does nature "sleep" at places like that?
I wonder...

And then it's the exact oposite during Winter!
No thank's for me!

Here is a
where you can look up sunsets and sunrise in our area for May... and of course for your own town or country...

I wish all of you a very sunny and bright day!

"Life is a vacation"

by C. Lind


  1. I didn't realize all the long sunlight hours you had over there! Must be nice! That photo was gorgeous!

  2. thanks for answering my question. I am just amazed. I thought Alaska only had that crazy sun thing!! I just never realized. That is one thing Blogging has done for me. I have learned SOOOO much about different States and Countries. The saying "Never too old to learn"
    is certainly true!! Thanks so much!!...debbie

  3. FABULOUS PHOTO!!!!! Lovely words...You always make me smile! ~Janine XO

  4. Wonderful photo. We lived in Alaska (my husband moved there in 1970, and when we married in 1987, we continued to live there until 2001 when my Mom died). I remember when I first arrived there, I was running around the house hanging blankets over the windows so I could sleep. It was June, and the sun was up all night almost.

  5. You wonder how people manage to sleep? Well, as my husband says, you close your eyes. I have lived here in Fairbanks for 36 years, and after a while you can sleep without the blinds pulled. I don't remember seeing blankets over Montanagirl's windows after she had been here a few years!

    I did check your sunrise and sunset times, and see your length of day today is 16 hours and 27 minutes. Here it is 18 hours and 41 minutes. However, with long twilight hours, it does not get completely dark. The sun is below the horizon but there is still some light. We are gaining about 7 minutes a day now and will continue to gain until June 21st to about 21 hours, and then it will start going the other way. It is ironic that at the height of the midnight sun, when you start to lose minutes, it always gives you a little pause, and your mind screams no, no, no, because you think ahead to the long hours of winter dark.


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