Saturday, May 2, 2009

Wash over your spirit!

I love swallows, I always did.
When I was little we used to have 4, sometimes 5 nests every year in our cowhouse.
I remember it so well, I loved to watch the parents feed the little ones and was always stunned by how fast and precise they navigate through the air.
That is what makes it also almost impossible to get a good picture of them...

The spring day they arrive at the stable
is always a special moment for me,
a moment that lets me just pause for a little while.

There are two or three "couples" here at the farm.
I didn't expect that many really, because there are no animals on the farm... but they are here and I love to listen to their chatter.

We discoverd their first nest today.
It is an "used" one and they're renovating it very carefully.
Fantastic birds!


This fella came to "visit" the farm again yesterday.
It is nice to see him hopping around so happy,
but it is also a bit annoying because the dogs have to go on the leash now...
And they don't like that!!!

He's also not easy to shoot (with my camera of course).
He is very alert and moves around quite a lot.

I had to do some adjustments on this photo in Photoshop.

And this is the crop from the photo above... which is surprisingly good.

These are the moments when I wish my lens would be reaching a little "longer"...

But like always in life,
we just can't have it all...
And that is OK!


I had a good ride yesterday.
Midas was behaving well and Indigo followed us as usual.
We didn't see much wildlife,
just couple of geese down at the river.

Going for a trail ride is really one of the best ways to
"wash over your spirit and take all cares away"
as allhorsestuff said in her comment.

And so is going out with the camera,
searching for the perfect motive...



  1. Good captures of the Swallow and Rabbit!

  2. Lovely shot of the swallow! Yes I agree they are really really hard to photograph because of their speed!

  3. Ah there is no surer sign of summer coming than swallows swooping through the evening air!

    You ride. I have admit I am just a little envious. What kind of horse. What kind of saddle - do you use a saddle. How I love horses!

  4. I love the swallow too, there is a place in California where they return by the thousands each year, there is even a festival to mark the occasion!
    Great photos Michi, it looks like you had another lovely day!

  5. I love the photo of the hare!!! And the cropping is terrific! I can just imagine that ride of yours as well!!! Thanks for letting me ride vicariously with you today!

  6. Oh wow, I am amazed by the little rabbit in the grasses and dandelions... it is so awesome. I love the action shot of it hopping! Very good!

  7. So interesting that you wrote about swallows as I blogged about them in California on one of my blogs just a few days ago. Nice photos of the bird and the rabbit.

    Also nice article and photos on the horses and the trainer.

  8. I love the photo of the rabbit. You did a good job with the cropping. And, yes, there is always the shot that we could have gotten if our equipment was just a little better, but you're right. We just can't have it all and it is OK!

  9. ...glad your swallows have returned to nest. I too love them and have been watching nest boxes at a local park. Fun rabbit photos!!!


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