Sunday, August 8, 2010

Insects and mushrooms!

The sun just came out. It's almost 5:30pm and this Sunday started out with a soft rain.
Aaron is laying outside in the wet grass and enjoys the fresh breeze.
His pool is really over the hill, Hasi had to put it to the garbage yesterday.
We fixed it several times with duct tape, but this time there was just no fixin...
Time for buyin a new on - this week.

Let's talk about mushrooms... the season is officially opened.
Picking mushrooms in the woods is a big thing in Sweden. I grew up in Austria and I...
...remember us walk through the forrest picking mushrooms every year.
Just later I learned that there are countries where it is not common or even forbidden to pick mushrooms.
Like in Holland...
But here in Sweden it is the most normal thing you can imagine.
Today I downloaded a couple of new applications to my iPhone - One of them is a mushroom guide!
Especially for mushrooms that grow in Sweden and which are eatable. With detailed description and pictures! I am looking forward to use the app...
But I won't need it to identify Champions ;-)

We have lots of dragonflies in this area, different sizes and all kind of wonderful colors from blue, yellow, brown, green to red...

I took following photo with my iPhone... that's why it's not that sharp, but the color of this dragonfly is very special.

And THIS here... one of the reasons why I love forests so much! There is life everywhere,
big and very small. And everything goes into recycling, I mean look at those photos again...
Tiny little ants take care of a huge log that is decomposing on the ground. Of course, it takes time, but the ants have many helpers which are not even visible because they are even smaller then the ants themselves. :)

At the end of this post I want to share some more sprinkler photos with you. I took them last week and a few are already posted on my photo-only blog. Check it out if you have time! ;-))

Wishing you all a fantastic new week!


  1. Wonderful photos.

    We enjoy picking mushrooms here. We have four or five types that we are able to eat. There are many more but these we are sure are safe.

    Great water shots.

  2. Great sprinkler photos! Looks nice and cool. Today it's 96 and humid. Not a nice day. But, the sky is a pretty blue with few clouds!! Love the little mushrooms. So cute. I expected little people to run out from underneath. Little Knome

  3. ...I love those mushroom photos. I know I'm romanticizing, but I can imagine fairies sitting around those mushrooms! Cool sprinkler shots too!

  4. What really cool images! You've gotten some really good shots from unusual angles.


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