Wednesday, August 4, 2010


We found this little guy (or was it a girl?) under the roof of the guest-cabin deck.
"He" or better "it" was sitting there and first we thought it was dead...

It didn't move even though it was a warm late afternoon. I learned recently that the best time to take pictures of dragonflies is early in the morning. They are still kinda stiff from the colder temperatures during the night and will sit still long enough for getting close and "shoot". It is nearly impossible to shoot them when they are flying through the air... but I'll keep trying, I promise. :)

They come flying - or better hovering - into our garden every day to hunt for insects.
After I ran into the house to get my camera and take a few close up shots we took a stick and offered him to grab on... and it did.
Just one more quick shot...

and off it went!



  1. Great shots of the Dragon fly! For being a weird headed creature, their wings are quite beautiful! What a great capture! (last photo)...debbie


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