Saturday, July 31, 2010

It all pays off!

The lawn is turning green again.
It's amazing how fast nature is re-awakening after just a few rainy days.
We re-freshed the water in Aarons pool today.
We do that every couple of days of course to make sure the water doesn't get toxic.
It surely turns green very quickly with those high temperatures AND all the sand that Aaron carries into the pool every time he jumps in and out. :)

Aaron is having a great time. He get's lot of playtime everyday and if he get's bored, his mommy always comes up with a new ideas to keep him entertained.
But he's also able to entertain himself. He plays with branches, plastic bottles and his soccer balls of course. Sometimes he manages to "find" something he isn't supposed to have, like a dustpan he "stole" from the deck the other day. He get's really funny with things like that, starts running through the garden like a maniac, jumps up and down, throws stuff in the air and carries it in and out of the water.
The only thing is that we have to take it away from him as soon as he starts to work on it with his new big teeth. *lol*
But, honestly, he never really destroyed anything. Seriously.
He's not that kind of dog I guess. And we did't give him much chances to bit anything in pieces. I mean, every young dog loves to chew on shoes, don't they.
We just recently talked about how much work it is to train a young dog.
Especially the first year is tuff. It's a full time job. Ask HASI!
She'll tell you how tuff it is. But she'll also tell you that it is all worth it. The time and effort, love and patience, everything you invest the first year, it all pays off.
And the reward is a pleasant and loyal dog on your side for another 10 years - at least!


Guess who has the last word in this family? Always! ;-)

Tell me to jump mommy, and I'll ask HOW HIGH...


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