Tuesday, July 13, 2010


It's a long time ago that we had to deal with weather like that.
You try to stay out of the sun, you make sure to drink enough (you even forget to eat, what normally never happens to me *lol*), you hold siesta when the temperatures peak but nothing seems to help. Even when you sit still, you sweat!
The last time I remember sweating so much was when we lived in Texas!
(Boy those were good times :))
But this is Sweden! What are they thinking! I like summer but this heat takes a lot of energy.

We did have some thunderstorms last night and today which brought us some cool air though.
I also managed to find a store that sells those mosquito screens that you simply cut to the windows size and then apply with the help of those self stick hook tapes.
The mosquitos are REALLY BIG here in Sweden. Gigantic! Well...
At least bigger then those in Austria... I hope those screens are keeping them out.

MIKA is outside during most nights. He did have some problems adjusting to the new environment and I guess it's normal too for a young cat to be afraid of this and that, but now he seems to be in a very brave stage right now. He sleeps almost all day long and goes out around sunset. Before we go to bed he usually comes in for a little snack and then goes back out again.
I have to admit that the first night (or the first few) were hard for me too, I was laying in bed sleeping with one ear and awake with the other, always alert and listening.
It's tuff when you know you have to let the baby boy go so he can grow up! So that he can be a big boy.
And he is! :)
MISSY is still the inside cat. She loves to look out of the window, that is enough for her. :)

Oh yes, we do have our normal internet connection back, we received the replacement modem yesterday! After two weeks of waiting and calling customer service repeatedly...
So! Surfing is fun again!
It's just that there are so many other things to do right now that are fun too.

I wish you all a great time doing whatever it is you are doing right now!

Bedtime here in Skåne!

Nighty nighty! :))


  1. I got some daisy flowers just like those peeking at me too. Beautiful photo.

    Fat Lady Recipes

  2. Thank you! Those grow through our neighbors fence, I discovered them when I was walking little Cleo and couldn't resist taking a photo. :)

  3. It sounds as if everyone is adjusting well to the new digs. How is Aaron handling the heat? Your daisy image is so pretty. :)


  4. I love the Daisy's!! really nice shot. I know just what you mean about keeping one ear on guard while the other is listening for something else! Guess it's the mom in us!! Glad your liking your new home. ...debbie

  5. Daisies are one of my favorites and to have them growing in odd places and poking out from whereever is always neat...
    I am not a summer person but it's not to say I don't like heat, I just like warm not hot!

    Have a nice day! =)

  6. So glad you're enjoying your new place. Terrific shot of the Daisies.

  7. In your honour and in the honour of wall the Photographers, I published an ilustration.


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