Friday, July 30, 2010

Harbor and beachside

We had a nice time with our dutch family, Hasi's sister and brother in law...
They stayed here for two nights and right now they are enjoying a stay in a very nice  B&B in Småland, another province of Sweden which is just north of Skåne.

The other day we (me and Cleo) went for a walk in Åhus with them. We checked out Köpmannagatan (downtown Åhus - the newer part, there is also an older part with a cute square that I would call "historic downtown") and went down to the harbor where all the nice power- and sailboats are "parked".

It was quite cloudy that day and at first we thought we'd go for some ice cream on the "glassbåt" (a platform on the water that looks a bit like a boat) but in the end the urge for coffee was stronger.
So we had coffee... (the next photo took my brother-in-law)

On the way back home we drove a little u-turn to see what was going on at the beach hotel and couldn't resist getting out of the car again to walk a bit more...
The pier took us out "onto" the water, the temperatures were nice, the wind not too strong... so we sat down on a bench to enjoy the moment.

 Can you see little Cleo walking with auntie Hilde..?

 Hundreds of names are carved into the planks all the way down to the end of the pier.

I pepped this photo up a bit in iPhoto - as I said it was pretty cloudy that day.

The weather is already changing, we had a fantastic (for our taste a little too hot and dry) summer and now we are looking forward to a pleasant fall.
The cherries on the tree in the front yard are long gone (we didn't even get to taste them so quick were the birds) and the number of tourists in the area is slowly but surely decreasing which means that the people who live here (and don't make a living off the tourism) get "their" town back.
And it won't be long until the dogs will be allowed back on the beach as well.

It's a bit windy and cloudy today, so - perfect weather for a car trip with the dogs... to where? Don't know yet... ;-)

Ha det bra allihopa!


  1. Woo, very nice little sailing harbor. Beautiful wooden sailboat! I think that you have found a little piece of heaven on earth. Bet that you can't wait for all the tourists to go home! Oh well, they are good for the economy....

  2. @MJ
    I knew you'd like the wooden sailboat! :))


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