Thursday, July 15, 2010

Broccoli harvest

It's been incredibly warm those past days but fortunately it's cooling off well during the nights so we can at least sleep better.

We live in an area where the farmers grow tons of potatoes and other vegetables. Right behind our house are fields with broccoli. Lots of broccoli!

I love to eat broccoli. I wonder though if it is really that healthy (unless you grow it in your own garden without any chemical stuff etc).
The thing is that they planted the broccoli seedings just little over a month ago, about 6 weeks or so.
And now most of them look like this!

It's beautiful to see a plant growing like that.  So fast!
When I think back on the time at home on our family farm, back at the time that we planted only about 15 to 20 little seedings every year...
We watered them, made sure that they wouldn't be eaten by bugs and gave them time to grow...
And it took definitely more then just one and a half months for them to grow to that size...

I really wonder what those farmers are spraying on the plants, besides water, that makes them grow so fast.
Healthy vegetables right!

Well, another thing that amazes me is how fast the hard working people (workers from poland i believe) are when harvesting the crop.
AND they work all day with only a few brakes, even at days like that when it is incredible hot.
I have to admit, I couldn't do it. Really. Respect!

And after the fields are harvested completely they will be re-planted with other vegetables within a few days...
Grow baby grow!!!

Healthy vegetables! All around us...



  1. Yes, it's a good question how the veggies aren't eaten by bugs. Rather than chemicals, there is a possibility that the plant was engineered to be less appealing to bugs. Who knows.

  2. Maybe you should go and ask them what they use to enhance or speed up the growth?
    Beats looking at cement and blacktop though..... very pretty!

  3. Mighty big Broccoli!! They are really pretty! I feel for those folks working out in the hot weather. They probably don't make anything either. I would enjoy looking at the crops from my house. Watching them grow and then tilled under and making way for new crop. They don't waste any time do they?? ...debbie

  4. In the US, I lived in an area where this was done around me in large flat fields. I always asked permission to 'glean' after they picked.
    I got some great food!

    I now grow my own, with nothing but rich composted soil and hard labor.


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