Friday, July 23, 2010

Red kites and squirrels don't go together very well...

Another week comes to it's end.
We live through one circle after the other, are on the move - all the time.
And we have still temperatures around the 30 °C !!!
But the weather forecasters predict a change to lower temperatures and more frequent rain showers beginning this weekend.
I have to say I don't mind. :)

We live in a great area (if you are able to ignore all the tourists and the constant farm work that is going on, meaning noisy tractors driving by our house all the time), we have nice forests around us to walk in, the coast isn't far (swamped by tourists and beach - hand ballers right now!) and we get to watch fantastic wildlife.
There is deer and wild pigs (we never see those though), hares and rabbits, pheasants and geese, insects and bats, swans and birds of prey like red kite and buzzard (the latter fly over our house every day).
I think they ate "our" front yard squirrels, haven't seen them in over a week...
Two buzzards sat down on the dead tree we have out in front of the garage and just sat there for a while, watching us.

I tried to get a shot of the pheasant that is living right outside our garden, but he's just too smart (and fast) for me.
I could have killed him the other day, not because he wouldn't let me photograph him, no, he woke us up VERY early and just couldn't shut up for ONE entire hour...
If I would keep a gun in my bedroom (or anywhere in our home - and I don't) I would have used it. Just to chase him away, of course. ;-)

That is by the way what they (the vegetable farmers) are doing with the geese this time of the year. They use gas cannons to keep the geese from eating all the lettuce - so basically what they do is, they "shoot" all day long, starting before 6am and ending way after sunset.
But hey! A human can get used to almost anything, can't he. ;-)

This past week we cleaned our guest cabin, planted flowers, mowed the lawn, played with the dogs, super-cleaned our car, walked the dogs and celebrated little Edith's 2nd birthday.

It was a good week and tomorrow we are expecting family visitors from Holland :))
They will start driving very early in the morning and we wish them a fantastic and safe trip! :)

The bedroom window is open and I hear that it just started to rain a bit...

A nice sound that will help me fall asleep in no time :)

Good night every one!


  1. Have a lovely visit with your guests! So I take it the Buzzards are quite used to being around people?

  2. Yes Mona, I think they are. They are not afraid at all, not like in other areas. Even the red kite, they come and dive into our garden while we are sitting out there and the dogs are there too...
    And thanks, we'll have a great time with our guests, I'm sure. :)

  3. Excellent photo of two year old Edith. I guess the good looks run in her family. She's just beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful grandaughter. I love your pictures you are so talented. I know what you mean by noisy pheasants, I have birds that wake me up in the wee hours too. Have a great visit.

  5. Edith sure is a beautiful little girl!! So pretty! I hope she had a great time. Our granddaughter just had her 4th birthday last Saturday. Love all your wildlife shots! Too bad the Pheasant wasn't one of

  6. Lovely flight shot, and the portrait of Edith is very good--of course, with an adorable subject like that it's hard to go wrong.

  7. My goodness, what a little darling Edith is! :) Just so sweet!


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