Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finally Vacation!

It's HOT!
We've had temperatures around 30 〫C and above for several days in a row and I believe it will stay like that for some more.
And no RAIN - the lawn is already brown instead of green and the birds appreciate the water buckets we have out around the house.

AARON turned 6 months yesterday!

He had a great day! Thank you "mama" Lotte, "papa" Per and brother Arcos for the 0,5 - birthday messages! ;-)
 The heat is of course a bit hard on him but we are lucky that he loves water VERY MUCH... he takes EVERY possible chance to COOL OFF in HIS POOL or under the SPRINKLER!

CLEO preferes to bath in the sun or the sand and shade - depending on the temperature and her mood...
And in between she likes to check out the gofer/mouse holes in the back of the garden...

I had my final exam past friday. AND I PASSED!
Yeeeeeha! :))
I am now done with my course and looking for a job, pretty exciting times are laying ahead of me. I've applied at several companies so now it is "just" a matter of waiting what will happen next and when.
In the mean time I will NOT get bored! I enjoy a little vacation and summer in our new home.
The last two or three weeks were really tuff! I had to force myself to sit down with the books to study, really! My motivation wasn't the best anymore and there was a considerable lack of self discipline as well!
No wonder after 6 months of going to one course after the other...
But I am glad that I did it and proud of myself that I was able to pass every test at the first attempt. :)


Time to relax and just BE.

I don't know if we go anywhere, we thought about renting a mobile home and drive north a couple of days but that is really no fun when it is so warm. AND Aaron is still not a 100% over the getting car sick stage. It's much better but still not completely over. He can be just fine for weeks and then he's not...
But as I said, he's almost there. I think most dogs outgrow that problem sooner or later. It's just a matter of time. :)

We can't complain, we have a nice big garden, wonderful trails in the woods "right in front of our nose" and the beach isn't far either. Even though it's not much fun right now to go there with all the tourists!
Let me tell you that Åhus is a very crowded place this time of the year.
Just good that we live a bit away from the main road, there's a lot of traffic going on every day.

The area where we live in is very agricultural. On the huge fields around us grow grains and vegetables, potatoes and strawberries. The area has kind of a gigantic underground water reservoir which enables the farmers to grow that stuff even when the summer is so dry, like right now. The sprinklers are running practically day and night.

There's lots of wild flowers out there too and in our front yard we have squirrels visiting every day. Isn't that a cute little fella?!! :)

Little Edith (who turns 2 pretty soon) came to visit the other day with her sister and mum and they brought Joey along to play with Aaron... You cannot imagine how dirty little Joey was after a while!

 And when we unpacked the crocket golf set Edith got very possessive! She explained to us several times that ALL THE BALLS where "mina" (mine)!!
We tried to play a round but with a (almost) two year old you can forget that. She was too serious about "owning" all the balls and how to use them.
Her body language tells it all, doesn't it.  *lol*

Well, it's time to go downstairs and get a glass of VERY COLD water.
Surfing the net isn't really fun right now because we don't have access to our "usual" broadband internet provider - our modem "died" and we are waiting for a new one for two weeks now. In the mean time we are using one of those "dial up" mobile sticks and the speed is really ridiculous. But we are ONLINE at least and that's what's counts at the end of the day!




  1. What a wonderful update! Happy birthday to Aaron. I enjoy watching his progress. He is such a sweetheart. And, little Edith. Yes, it's hard to play when one of the players carries around the balls. ;)

    I understand about the slow connection. We use air cards or satellite six months of the year while on ship, then a high speed connection while at home. What a difference! But, having any kind of a connection is better than NOT having one.

    Have a wonderful vacation!

    Very best,

  2. Aaron knows how to stay cool. What a fun post! Happy summer, and i hope that you all enjoy some time off before you start to work again.

  3. Wonderful photos of all your critters and the fields and flowers are beautiful! Stay cool in the summer heat!


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