Sunday, July 18, 2010

But I still don't have to like it, right!

My name is Aaron!
Some of you already know me from photos and stories my 2nd mom posted on this blog. 
My 1st mom doesn't blog, but that's good because that means that she has more time for me! :))

I came to my new family when I was very little, I don't really remember that day though. 
I do remember that I lived in a different house before with my other human parents.
I had a little brother and 4 sisters and my real mommy of course. 
I felt very safe in that house because not only my mommy was there to protect me and my siblings, I know that my real daddy was also there and he is a very tuff guy. 
He protects everyone! 
One day my brother and I, and our sisters got to meet all the other dogs out in the yard, my real dad and some other big ones, but I don't remember much about them anymore. 

I haven't seen my first family in a while now, but that is okay. It would be fun though to meet them again because I really liked them all a lot. But I think that some of my siblings are living far away and I heard my moms talk about my real mommy, they said that she will have puppies again which means that I will have more brothers and sisters... Cool! 

Here you see me in my pool, cooling off my paws in the cold water. That is so nice! 
And the little, white doggy, that is my auntie Cleo. 

I just turned 6 months recently and my moms sang a funny song for me that day. :) I liked that. They made me feel very special! 
Life is good now, even though it was not always

 easy those past few months, because, sometimes I had pain where my teeth are. But the little ones, my moms call them milk teeth, they all fell out and I have much bigger ones now. 
I can bite and eat much better with them. Cool!
I can also play much better with them, I can pull very hard on ropes and branches, if I have to. 

I was hoping that my auntie Cleo would be much more impressed now when I show her my teeth, but unfortunately she's not. She's still stealing my chewing bones from time to time and then she growls at me and shows me her big teeth. It's quite scary sometimes because it hurts when she bites. She's small but her teeth are HUGE!
She tries to bite me in my lip and let me tell you... she's fast! 
I've heard my moms talking about another blog they read, a blog where they read stories about my brother Arcos and his new family. 
They said that my brother has a nickname... apparently they call him "krokodil".
I think that my auntie Cleo would deserve that title as well... that's at least what my moms say sometimes. 
And I believe everything my moms say, since I don't even know what a "krokodil" is.
But I think that a "krokodil" is something funny. They always laugh when they talk about that. :)

This is a photo my 2nd mom took yesterday. 
It shows auntie Cleo - taking a power nap out in the garden.

And here she's drinking out of MY pool!

I would like to tell you a little more about myself, about what I like and what I don't.
My day usually starts when my 1st mom wakes up, I go to her and give her a big, soft good morning kiss and then we cuddle.
Sometimes we get up right away, sometimes we sleep a little more. Around 8.30am I get my breakfast, but before that we go out in the garden and my 1st mom plays ball with me! :)
I love to play ball.
I have one big soccer ball and two smaller ones and I am the happiest when we play with all three at the same time. Sometimes my 2nd mom plays with us, that's fun too.
Auntie Cleo also likes to play ball, but she's always barking so much when we play. My moms don't always like that...
I too think it's silly, but apparently that is something Jack Russell Terriers do... they bark a lot when they are excited.

Well, anyhow. After breakfast my mommy insists that I take a break. I am not allowed to play and I usually have to take a nap too. But I don't mind, playing and chewing on pig ears and eating them always makes me very tired.

Here I ask my 2nd mom to take the ball away from me - 
she knows that I like it when they throw them high up in the air 
so I can catch them again. :)

I also like to go for walks. Especially new places are fun. The other day we went to Skånes biggest waterfall. My moms were not really impressed, they said. They talked about other waterfalls that they had seen before, bigger and cooler ones. But it was a nice walk they said.

Out at the parking lot i saw something very funny! Well, I have to admit, at the beginning I didn't think it was funny at all. To be honest, I was rather scared. But I think no one noticed, because I made myself much bigger by putting my back hair up and I growled and barked!  ;-)

I saw some strange objects, they were smelling funny and looking even funnier!
And they made funny noises, really strange. One of them was standing on rocks and it had funny looking things on it's head...
The other one had feathers and very long legs! And a very strange looking face...

See what I mean!!!

Once we were back home we played some more in the garden.
Honestly, playing in the garden is my favorite! That is never boring.
When we are not playing ball, I am running around to check everything out. I like to chase flies (they are really nasty little things that keep bugging me), and sometimes I am working on my sand castle.
I am a specialist in digging, did I mention that? I have several places in the garden where I am allowed to dig. Sometimes I dig up roots and I pull them out with my big teeth. Some of them are really tasty!

And when I find a rock, I know that my mommy wants it. She's always giving me a cookie when I bring it to her.
I think she's afraid that I would eat the rocks, but I am not a little puppy anymore! I know that eating rocks is not a good thing for me, so I don't do that anymore. I think my mom doesn't know that I know - and that's why I still get cookies for every rock I bring to her... *lol* ;-))

Sometimes we play other games where I have to sit and lay down. Or she asks me to climb on things or big rocks. Or she throws cookies in the grass and I get to look for them! Cool! I looooove cookies! :)
Every time I do something she asks me to, I get a little treat or a pet.
And she talks really sweet with me, really sweet! :)
You know what else I can do on command? I can pee on command! She says the word "kissa" and I know what I have to do... Isn't that impressive?!! Well, the truth is that it is really easy, but it makes my mom so happy, so I just do it... *lol*

What I don't like is that she (only sometimes) growls at me. Her eyes are really different then and her voice is deep, and she grabs me at my neck! Can you believe that!
She really does grab me and then she forces me to the ground, legs and belly up! It feels really humiliating, let me tell you that!
I mean, do I always have to agree with my mom? I mean come on! What's wrong with expressing my own opinion sometimes, or at least having one, right?!
And I do have my own ideas sometimes, believe me.
For example:
Sometimes I think it's fun to play inside the house. And when I do that she warns me once or twice, and when I don't listen we have a small discussion...
BUT at the end I have to admit that my mom is ALWAYS RIGHT.
No playing IN the house!
And when I calm down she's talking to me with her sweet voice and I know that everything is all right again. :)

Here are some other things I like...

Even though I have a big water bowl out in the hall...
the water always tastes fresher out of that white, tall dispenser in the bathroom!
The only problem is that I cannot push the button myself, it's too high up for me...

I also love to see what is in the shopping bag! 
Sometimes I just find people food, which I can't have...
but sometimes I find pig ears and other tasty stuff in there! :)

You see, I am a very active dog. I am always looking for action when I am not asleep. 
I also ALWAYS want to be WITH MY MOMS, especially with my 1st mom, Ingrid. 
She's my HERO, my MASTER, my BOSSLADY. I love and adore her! 
I want and NEED to be near her AT ALL TIME. :) Even when she is sitting down on that white, big fresh water dispenser in the bathroom! *lol*

You know, there is something that makes me a little sad though and that is that sometimes she just leaves me alone!!!!! Without any reason, just like that. And that I hate! 
Sometimes she goes downstairs into the basement (I really don't know what she's doing down there, I just notice that she takes cloth with her and sometimes she brings them back up with her...)
And sometimes she goes upstairs and I am not allowed to go with her either. 
Or she goes outside, to get the mail, she says... or take out the grey plastic bags from the kitchen (which smell very interesting!)
And you know when I feel the worst! When she goes out in the garage and goes away in the car, all alone...

I mean, now that I am a bit older I understand that I cannot go with her always... and I stay calm. In the beginning I jumped at the door and ran around in the house. I was whining and trying to find a way to follow her. But now I know that she'll come back, she always does. :)
So when she drives away with our car I look out the window and when I don't see her anymore I lay down and rest. I NEVER sleep, I just rest.
Luckily my other mom is still here. At least most of the time. 
Sometimes both of them are leaving us alone. I am pretty much okay with that too...
But I still don't have to like it, right!

Well, I think I've told you enough for today... 
My 2nd mom (the blogger) promised to help me write another post about myself some day. 
It's been fun doing it and I hope you like it. 

See ya!

Aaron :)


  1. Dear Aaron: You are such a great writer, and smart! I love how you make sense of the world around you, and what you can already do at your young age - AMAZING! Good thing you have your two mum's and your animal family around! I bet everybody is very proud of you. Keep us posted!
    So long, Lance (lab-shepherd-hound, you name it)

  2. Hi Aaron,

    That was such a great post about your day. We have days that are pretty much the same around here, too. It's hard when one of us goes to doggie school and the other has to stay home.

    We love your pictures, too!

    Big slurps,
    Penny and Erik Evensen
    (Lois and Catherine are our two Moms) ;)

  3. Aaron, My favorite photo of you is the one where you are watching your mom leave. The one where you are looking out the window! It speaks volumes about how much she means to you. You are a very lucky boy to have such great moms, who both understand how much you care about them. Yes, you are very, very lucky .... as they are to have you in their family now. Thanks for sharing your feelings with Michi's blog friends!

  4. He looks pretty happy standing in that pool! He's really grown up.

  5. It sure is got over here. Hot and muggy. Your famous dogs look like they are enjoying the day.


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