Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Home Home

We made it!
The move was not as smoth as we would have wanted it to be, but we and our animals got here one week ago and so did most of our stuff.
Our round pen panels are still not here at the farm, we'll rent a trailer and pick them up ourselves.
The moving company we had hired, was a big disapointment, the guy in charge made promises he didn't keep.
But at the end everything is fine and we settled in our new home just fine.
The animals are very happy here and so are we.

We slepd on our mattrasses on the floor the first two nights before we came to put our bed together...
Felt like camping! :)
The kitchen is in full use since yesterday, all the boxes are unpacked and every knife and spoon and pan is on it's place.
I was cooking our first meal yesterday evening, before that it was Pizza and (delicious) Hamburgers!
It can be so soothing to know that there is a nice Hamburger restaurant just a couple of minutes from here - just in case - you never know...
Civilization is fantastic!

We arranged the furniture in the living room yesterday and our next project will be the dining room.
There are still boxes sitting in the corners that need some attention, but we'll take it day by day.

The first two days we had to fix some horse fences so that the boys can be outside and safe.
Then we had to mow the lawn (it's a HUGE backyard! ), it took 4 hours!
We need a bigger lawn mower!!!

Well, this is our new home, lookin at the back side, Barry's and Cleo's (and Missy's) big back yard and a very nice porch!!! More photos will follow, I promise!

This is taken at the "front side" of the house - or the side of the inner courtyard so to say...
That's where another family is living - Mrs. and Mr. (Blue I think) Titmouse and kids!

These little feet belong to Super Edith. She is little over 10 months now and a very smart and happy little girl. Edith belongs to our friend Carola, they are visiting right now! :))
Edith just took a power nap in Barry's "SchnuffelWuffel" basket, a very nice soft basket.
Now she is back up and playing with Hasi on the floor.

I took these photos yesterday when we were visiting Carola and Edith in Olseröd...

Isn't she the cutest little girl in the world??!!



  1. I hope you are very happy in your new home, M.
    Loved the pic of the baby's feet -SO beautifulxx♥

  2. Oh, so happy for you that the major portion of the move is complete!!!! Now for settling in...Lovely, lovely place...what happiness it will bring you!!!! And as far as Edith is concerned? Yes, yes, yes...she IS the cutest little girl in the world!!! Those eyes!!!! Wow! Thanks for sharing these!!!! So happy for you!!! ~Janine XO

  3. That little girl is sooo cute. What neat photos of her. Your new home looks very charming and has lots of personality. Ant the birdies in the bowl - well, that's just a super photo. They're darling.

  4. all the best wishes for your new home, which looks great.

    Cute baby pics..especially the little feet.


  5. I am glad you made it! We are freshly out of fresh food, so I envy you for the hamburger place nearby :)

  6. Welcome back to BLOG.....
    I'm glad that you are beginning to see the bottom of all those moving boxes! And I guess if the round pen is the only thing that didn't arrive, then you are lucky...moving always seems to relocate some things that maybe we didn't need so much after all?
    Welcome HOME, and enjoy....

  7. Happy times ahead in your new home. I loved the cute little girl, and those feet.... Wow!

  8. Well what a beautiful home..glad your doing well even though you still have alot of work to do still. But happy work non the less. Love your pic of the baby birds too cute great capture.

  9. Edith is a doll!! Love your porch! Your bird babies are cute!

  10. Wonderful to be finally moved! Your new digs look so peaceful, and the neighbors should be cordial, as long as you don't get too friendly. Mama Titmouse will be very watchful over her little ones. Edith is indeed very cute, and I love your photo of her feet.

  11. I can just hear the directions "it's the pink house with the red roof - you can't miss it". Sounds as though you're well on your way to making it feel like home. Getting the kitchen unpacked is a critical first step!

    The picture of that beautiful child is wonderful! Baby feet are one of life's delightful joys.

    Nice to have you back on the blog!

  12. Welcome Home Michi!
    Wow, it looks wonderful, so green and pretty. And you are so lucky, with ready made friends your new neighbors.
    I love the feeling of settling in and finally feeling at home, I hope you will all feel this soon(if you don't already).
    Lovely photos of the baby, oh, i love the feet. and the black and white is really special.

  13. Thanks guys! It's good to be home AND back in the blogging "business"

  14. I love the photo of the little feet, babies feet are my favorite part, tooo cute

  15. Yeah! You're home...and what a sweet home it is, and your friend's little girl is adorable......


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