Sunday, June 28, 2009

Best Summer Ever

THANK YOU ALL that have commented on our loss of our beloved dog "Barry".
THANK YOU for all your sympathy and words of comfort!

I didn't have the energy to blog these past few days,
I felt kinda numb.
But time heals, and so does laughter.
We had ups and downs, cried and laughed.

Life goes on, life is wonderful.
We look back without regrets, look forward to the unknown and enjoy what is.

This is the best summer, ever.
Beauty all around, where ever I look.
The wind drives waves through the huge cornfields,
the potatoe plants are starting to bloom, wildflowers are everywhere.
Swallows and other birds are raising their second brood.
A pair of woodpigeons are nesting right next to the house, in the branches of "our" gigantic Lindenbaum.
I went up to one of the bedrooms upstairs and got a very nice view directly into the nest and heard a tender "oh-oo-oor" a couple of times.
One of the babys came out underneath her crop and started to beg for food...
So cute!

The cherries are slowly turning red, I think though we won't be picking them ourselves, the birds are all over them!

The roses are fully in bloom, spreading a lovely scent all around the back yard porch.

Missy Lou, our cat, is spending most of the day outside. She found a nice place on the outdoor furniture cushions on the porch, that's where she naps in between her trips to the barn and through house and garden.
She is doing well now, that makes us very happy, of course...

Now it's bedtime again and we are looking forward to another wonderful week in our new home.



  1. What a nice post. I am glad you are feeling a little more peaceful about Barry, and so happy about summer. It is good, isn't it?! Those cherries sound yummy! ;)

  2. Good post! It sounds like your new place is very lovely, and restful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I was surprised to see the new header. It is really beautiful, as is the photo of the rose. Your new home seems to be very lovely and the perfect place for you to be right now. It was good that Barry got to share it with you for a little while. You'll always have good memories of him.


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