Friday, June 12, 2009

Drive to Olseröd and Hot Love

A drive to our friend Carola who lives in Olseröd, about 30 minutes from here, is always filled with nice photo opportunities.
The landscape is wonderful and during summertime the large pastures are inhabited by horses and large herds of cows.
We also pass "Vattenriket Kristianstad" where lots of bird species are breeding every year.

Nice farms, pastures, fields with fast growing crop and blue sky where ever you look.

Notice the ocean (baltic sea / Ostsee) in the background of this picture..!! :))

I really don't know what these 6 Mallards were up to the other day,
but they might have been on their way to a bachelors party, who knows...

For the last two weeks that we live here now (YES! IT'S TWO WEEKS ALREADY!),
we've been driving down to Olseröd about every second day.

And almost EVERY TIME going back and forth we saw a remarkable bird with a long beak sitting on a stack of straw bales pretty close to the 118, the road between Åhus and Olseröd.
This bird is probably very common around here..., but sitting on a stack of straw bales all by himself seems a bit strange to me.
I am sure one of you birding specialists can help with identifying the bird..??!!

Yesterday I finally got the chance to take a couple of shots of him, not the best quality (it was raining) but good enough for staring this story with you.
I zoomed in as far as I could with my lens on the last one, and croped it even a little more with iPhoto to get a better image of him...

Another nice photo opp were these cute little calfs alongside the road.
They didn't really mind the car stopping, but some of them were a little afraid of the noise that came out of the car - the clicking sound from the camera seemed a bit suspicious...

Notice the ear tags that they are wearing, it's for identification in the European Union, the SE stands for Sweden of course, and then they have numbers so that it can be traced down when and where they were born (No branding).

Purpose of our trip to Olseröd was a nice dinner with Carola and her little girl in one of Degeberga's Pizzerias.
After that Carola invited us to have some "Hot Love" with her at her farm...
I's a desert of course!
Vanilla ice cream with warm raspberry sauce and whipped cream...



  1. I loved your post, especially the ducks. I love ducks. Oh! and the sea in the background.
    Have a great weekend, Michaela.xx♥ :D

  2. Beautiful photos!Especially with the one with Baltic sea in the background!And the one with mallards! Looks like a fun trip!

    ♥ Chaitra

  3. Gorgeous blue ocean!!! Darling ducks...and a sandpiper?? That's what the bird looks like...but on a bale of hay? Happy, happy post! Have a wonderful weekend!!! ~Janine XO

  4. I do so enjoy your photos of Sweden. For some reason I thought it was very Mountainous. I had no idea there was so much flat land! The building are great. Have no idea what your little bird friend. Montanagirl might know she is quite the bird photographer. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!! Appreciate that. Hard to believe I'm an old woman of 61...eeek. Don't feel that old lol...debbie

  5. Just wanted you to know that I am using Internet Explorer today to view you blog and it seems to be working just fine :o}

  6. so that's why they call that tea "heisse liebe" - it's raspberry!

    and it always puts that wise guys song in my head, heisse liebe.



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